Which is funnier, The Simpsons or El Chavo?


posted by Nathalia Hernandez


The Simpsons are funnier than El Chavo, because they have new comic and histories. The Simpsons are more beautiful than El Chavo, because are cartoons The Simpsons has more seasons than El Chavo. Also The Simpsons are from USA and El Chavo is mexican.

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The simpson is a Popular program that the most part of the people watch arround the world, chavo is good, but , is not as popular as the simpson.

Posted By Cristian Barbon,

I prefer the simpsons because have better histories.

Posted By kmilopz,

The Simpson are more commercial than El Chavo then el chavo is better than The Simpson.

Posted By cagc5427,

the Simpsons is rudert than el chavo because these are is for people old

Posted By maria00606,

the simpson is a program funnier than the chavo, and the simpsons is a program more popular than the chavo

Posted By luchaco,

The chavo is a good program but the simpson es more funny, some chapters that chavo is very boring, instead the simpson don`t have bad chapters :D

Posted By krol,

the simpson is a one program that to tracend in the history

Posted By xiiomiicuervo,

The people prefer The Simpson than "El Chavo" because the people laugher to watched The Simpson than "El Chavo" also The Simpson are more seen than "El Chavo".

Posted By deadmenand,


Posted By emokid89,

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