Which is dumber, smoking poison sumac or snorting fire ants?


posted by joshuatitsworth


I'll admit, both of these are really dumb. But after watching a few episodes of Spikes 1,000 Ways to Die I thought the sumac and fire ant episodes were pretty stupid. Which do you think is dumber?

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Who would snort fire ants?!

Posted By Rebecca,

Definitely the ants. Putting any animal that has the word "fire" in its name is never a good idea.

Posted By jogden,

Not that I condone smoking sumac or anything for that matter, but from the video when he was rolling it I could see how a typical stoner might think it would get them high. The fire ants is just beyond stupid. Either way, hopefully none of these guys had the chance to pass their genes on to taint future generations.

Posted By joshuatitsworth,

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