Which Is Cuter?


posted by Yummi In Your Tummi


Idk I Was Bored(:

Debate It! 10

jeez dont be mean

Posted By lauriek,

oh shit my stupid computer always posts things a million times

Posted By lauriek,

LOL!! ^

Posted By Olivia_1994,

you're harsh man!!

Posted By BlinKy,

wow, you're rude dude! all your'e comments on all of the T.O.T.'s are like that!! >:( ^^

Posted By bunny0974,

Umm Okay? If Im Ugly (Which I Am) All You Gotta Do Is Go To The Next T.o.T >.<

Posted By Yummi In Your Tummi,

none betch you oooooogly.

Posted By annaliesajane,

You're not ugly, honey
Everyone is beautiful in their own ways

Posted By StefaniHasGoneGaga,

@annaliesajane Like I Said If Im Ugly Go To The Next Freaking T.o.t. I Have Better Things In My Life Than To Be Made Fun Of By A Chick Who Thinks Shes Absolutely Beautiful and Who Thinks Shes So Cool For Calling Someone, Ugh? oooooogly? Wtf? I Think Its Spelled Ugly Smart One. And You Know What If You Think Im So "oooooogly" All You Gotta Do Is Press The Next Button Instead Of Wasting Your Time Commenting A Stupid Hate Comment When All You Gotta Do Is Click The Next Button.. Wow People These Days Are Just Getting Stupider And Dumber..

Posted By Yummi In Your Tummi,

Ive Never Been Abused. I Live With Both Of My Parents And Were Proud Christians

Posted By Yummi In Your Tummi,

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