Which is better, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon?

posted by KoliC


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Pokemon has lasted too long and the voice actors changed mid-series. Duh I picked Yu-gi-oh! But the Pokemon card game wins, but this is about the anime.

Posted By renee,

And the fact that Pokemon has no plot. It's just random small adventures. Yugioh has a great plot and ended sadly but rationally.It has been like,what, 14 seasons in Pokemon? Its too long.

Posted By KoliC,

pokemon you can cuddlez with a cute mudkip

Posted By kyletheheartless,

Pokemon <3

Posted By Jay4Nige,

The games are the best <3

Posted By Jay4Nige,


Posted By Nige4Jay,

Lol, u did? I chose Pok?mon, but I don' really know x)

Posted By Jay4Nige,


Posted By Jay4Nige,

Yu-Gi-Oh. Oh hi childhood/life!
I've never been a pokemon fan. My friends all gushed about what happened on the last episode and I would look at them and wonder what the main goal was suppose to be. This is as a 1st grader! I think Yu-Gi-Oh is actually the first show that made me cry (I was 8 and moving away from my best friends! Then my favorite show ends. How was I suppose to be like?) and made me realize that there are happy endings within sad endings.
I've also never been a fan of GX, 5D's, or the new ZeXal. The original will always be the best in my eyes.
I actually made my mom drive 3 hours so we could get to a theater showing the 10th anniversary movie.

So it's been ten years and I still have my first deck. Yu-Gi-Oh will always be the coolest thing in my eyes :)

Posted By Ali-Ami-Umi,

Yugioh used to be the best imo but now it's pokemon

Posted By DarkShadow Mewtwo,

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