Which is better, Windows or Mac?


posted by davidjdmv


The Windows OS is easier to handle than Mac OS. The Windows OS is more popular than Mac OS. The Mac OS is more fashionable than Windows OS.

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The windows OS is better than Mac OS, because the first one is cheaper than the other one, Mac is for rish people, not for me......

Posted By Cristian Barbon,

I prefer the windows because is more accessibility

Posted By kmilopz,

I prefer mac because is original and beautiful.

Posted By Nathalia Hernandez,

the Mac is far beater than windows o.s because the sistem operativp , the memory and capacity is large

Posted By maria00606,

This is like the umpteenth time this question has been brought up here. Windows is generally better. The asker said it himself, usability, extendability and such are important. The fact that Mac is "more fashionable" might be a reason to buy for some hipster.

Posted By ChickenAteMyDonuts,

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