which is better Twilight or Glee?


posted by Princess_gleek


this is a question that i would never be able to be answer as they are my 2 favorite things in the world i cant answer it but maybe you can :)

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Both are Horribe and that is coming from personnal opinion. Lets be honest the twilight flims could be alot better and the actors at the helm are horrible but that does not mean that the book series is any better and dont get me started with Glee

Posted By L.,

neither they're both gay

Posted By DonovanTracey,


Posted By TaylorChyenne,

i dont know they are both awesome!!

Posted By Being Awesome!,

How to choose i luv them both! <3 XX

Posted By enya-rose xx,

Glee FTW :D

Posted By Keren350,

Twilight sucks, and I'm a major Gleek. Twilight is just so overrated, and I didn't even like the books all that much.

Posted By GimmeSomePsycho,

Glee <3

Posted By orgxnicminds,

Everything Glee touches turns to shit. but Twilight is just as stupid.

Posted By Actionamy,

Too HArd!!!!!

Posted By RockerChick,


Posted By kristen1414,

glee is just a group of americans ruining good music and being all cocky and annoying

Posted By pheobe,

Twilight <3<3

Posted By MissCullen,


Posted By zoeramsey,


Posted By thomasj219,

Both :(

Posted By polkadots1991,

both rox so idk!

Posted By zoey1013,

Glee!! :D FTW!!! :D I REALLY hate Twilight! It's suppose to be empowering for girls...when all it's really about is...a girls who can't live w/out men.

Posted By Bass_Rocks,

Not a fan of either, but I must say... Sparkling vampires? That's a no-no.

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

I LOVE GAY GUYS (Of course I'm a girl) so GLEE ALL THE WAY!
Okay i'm a homophiliac, but twilight is gay in the derogatory sense while glee actually has homophiles IN it. so GLEE

Posted By BunnyFromMars,

i like dem both!

Posted By purplepumkin,

I didn't pick either because i love both so much! They are both the bomb!

Posted By GleefulFAngs,

well ppl who dont like glee can pee off coz its soo gr8

Posted By niamhy123,

ppl who hate glee are mentel and twilight rocks k if anyones say any shit about glee can kiss my asss

Posted By ISRAELGIRL123,

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