posted by MOE4


Debate It! 32

soccer all the way.

Posted By sofframsd,

soccer ftw.

Posted By dacey loxx,

soccer is way better when your going against boys cuz you can kick them, you all know where right

Posted By jonmatt,

I don't play or watch either, but soccor is easier for me to understand. LOL.

Posted By iLoveTegan,

we dont have soccer, we have football and Rugby :D.

Posted By rhiannonh10,


Posted By dallv,


Posted By dallv,


Posted By hiphopboy797,


Posted By Cara1,

football just owns soccer is just stupid

Posted By loosegoose,

Yeah where I live it would be football but on this soccer :L x

Posted By MeganBaxter x,

Football ftw

Posted By riley878787,

football is the shit in new england :D

Posted By Jennaaa226,


Posted By kiki,

i'd rather play soccer, but for watching i pick football

Posted By lockheed40,

Soccer all the way (and Manchester United 4 ever!)

Posted By deathcore4life,

FOOOOTTTTTTTBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!! I'm from Texas where i am everyone knows about football!!!!!

Posted By kakilaki6666,

sorry but football actually is soccer , look to all the other languages and see what they call soccer so ... no matter what soccer wins! dah!!!

Posted By Megan252,

yeah soccer is football and it's way better

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

soccer fo sho!:)

Posted By MOE4,

soccer (Real Madrid !!!!!!!)

Posted By evilheroe,

Soccer is definitely better for simpletons

Posted By CraigB,

a soccer all the way

Posted By tt,

soccer is for gays and foot ball is for real men that why you all sicken me!!!!!

Posted By writeup king,

yup i guess "real men" need all those pads for the average 8 second plays -_- shm

Posted By MOE4,

ssoccer(go riders!!!its a foot ball team)

Posted By lacey_lehman200,

Can't play either...

Posted By GimmeSomePsycho,

uhhh MOE4 what do you think Football is easy!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ok.... you go try to play football with no pads......guess what THEY WOULD KILL YOU!!!!! in the first play!!!!!! you would die!!!!

Posted By kakilaki6666,


Posted By Random Ninja,

Soccer is football. The other one is rugby. S

Posted By Neil13,


Posted By bunny0974,

they're the same thing...

Posted By topazclodagh,

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