Which is better, skinny with small boobs or fat with big boobs?


posted by god needs Satans help


This question is manly for guys, would you rather date or have sex with a skinny girl with small boobs or a kinda fat ( not obese) girl with really big boobs. The reason I'm asking is because I'm a girl with E-cup breasts and weigh 58KG and my height is 5ft 3 and i want to know if people would find me disgusting is i went swimming in a bikini.

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Both can be beautiful.

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

I'm bisexual and I would much much much rather be with a girl with some curves, stick girls are disgusting.

Posted By Toxicstardust,

if you notice all the fittest chicks are thin. don't see many plumpers at the olympics.
of and the olympians breasts are on the small side also.

small and thin is best.

Posted By Aureliarox,

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