which is better sims 2 or sims 3?


posted by bunny0974


i have them both and i like sims 3 better....

Debate It! 3

I love sims 3 because the loading isnt a nuisance and the quality is allot better but I miss the vampires and the pets and stuff thats in sims 2. Id say in time, however sims 3 will have all that too.

Posted By polerberr,

I lovee both of them. But Ive had problems with my game since August going back and forth with customer support and they flat out told me we can't help you and you can't play your game anymore!!! But when I did play it (i still would if it worked) I think I liked sims 3 better.

Posted By gigglegirl029,

sims 3 is so much better you get to do so much more and it loads so much faster and the expansion packs are good

Posted By stech01,

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