which is better sexy geeks/weird geeks?

posted by geekychic3101


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Just cuz she wears glasses doesn't mean she's a geek

Posted By HumanNumber69,

I believe the first one would be some form of hipster. Weird geeks, because they're cuter. :3

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

Sexy Geeks, that's me I guess. I do Karate and I'm a Quantum Physics addict. I'm a guy. I also play Basketball. Not all Sexy Geeks or ordinary Geeks have glasses.

Posted By Leeuwonhoek,

sexy geek

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Weird geeks are real geeks, but you don't need to look like one to be one. Most people who wear those glasses are trying to be "geeks" but are really hipsters.

Posted By crazystereotype,

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