Which is better One direction or Cupcakes?


posted by No one


my opinion is one direction because im obsessed with them but i do like cupcakes because there yummy xxx please vote x

Debate It! 11


Posted By xparawhorex,

Nooo never :0 your so evil

Posted By No one ,

People you are evil onedirection are the fissest things on the planet x

Posted By No one ,

One Direction they're so amazing

Posted By HanselRoarryHoff,

1D!!! ??

Posted By LittleGreenStar,

One Direction <3<3<3

Posted By One Direction xx,

One Direction<33333 I loveeeee them sooooo much! Y'all are just jelous because they can get any girl they want and you cant;)

Posted By BebeKody,

Whoever chose cupcakes, i dont like them :P


Posted By iuiittghfdhfg,

I prefer gee way :p

Posted By Arsy Saschia,

Why are you doing this to me?

Posted By chlobo02,

But I am so choosing One Direction!

Posted By chlobo02,

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