Which is better, Hate or Love?


posted by Astoreth


How many people believe in good things or bad things? And for that reason, who is loved or hated? Is different love a mother or someone in the family, or friends love or boyfiend/girlfiend ....or pet! The hate is some...

Debate It! 8

jajajaja the hate is funny

Posted By fabigblue,

i like love is more difficult than hate

Posted By alefandro,

All in the world is the love?

Posted By andreita25,

I love the love

Posted By solanlly,

I agree whit alejandro becase the love is very hard but is good

Posted By rwedasda,

is better to love, but is easier to hate.

Posted By JulianaBautista,

the love!!

Posted By heldavis,

hate because if you love you just keep getting hurt so hate

Posted By brianna2213,

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