which is better

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I like both, but my mom is mostly around so.

Posted By polkadots1991,


Posted By TaylorChyenne,

Impossible to choose!

Posted By church95,

mom even though my moms the one who hits me she actually just shows she cares and she takes me around to a lot of places. and my dad just works and sleep

Posted By hareet56,

it really depends on what kind of parents you have... say the father you've lived with all your life suddenly marries a bitch and they drive off to florida and leave you and your two sisters with your mother, and take your little brother with them... then the mother you've always had and lived with every other week, takes you in and doesn't marry an asshole... then you'd say your mother was your favorite. but, if it was the opposite, then you'd say your father was.

Posted By Nessa Rae,

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