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Is not it obvious? -The Hunger Games Trioloy OFC !

Debate It! 13

Twi hearts ^^

Posted By MjiloveuxD,


Posted By fajarbaru,

I don't mind Twilight but The Hunger Games is amazing!!!! duh!!!! :P

Posted By 09ahasan,

Twi hearts ^^

Posted By imthebest<3 lolz,

Hunger games in my ?

Posted By Katniss,

* heart

Posted By Katniss,


Posted By Katniss,

Hunger games all the way me no likely sparkly Vamps

Posted By FlowerCAL,

Hunger games all the way !!!!!

Posted By gleefanallaround,

I fucking hate Fucking hate twighlight fuck off twighlight fans

Posted By gleefanallaround,

So let the game begin! ;)

Posted By the.girl.who.lived,

ha! Oh twihearts, twilight is stupid, HUNGER GAMES KICKS AS*******************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted By richmuch2514,

Twi hearts <3 100%
i have read the whole series at least 2 times, in 3 months
and i am 10

Posted By chlobo02,

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