Which is a better sport to attend in person?


posted by RealScorz


Sure football is more popular in the USA, but when it comes to actually going to the stadium/arena, which sport do you think is more exciting, thrilling, entertaining?

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Football is a TV sport. Nothing compares to 18,000 rising and screaming as one when the puck goes in the net of the home team.

Posted By RealScorz,

Yeah, hockey is better live.

Posted By lockheed40,

Hockey, I've been to Qwest Field(Seahawks), the loudest NFL stadium, and HP Pavilion(Sharks), some of the most diehard fans in the NHL and I like the NHL experience better.

Did you Know: RBC Center(Hurricanes) is the loudest NHL arena and Qwest Field(Seahawks) is the loudest NFL stadium

Posted By De132,

This was a hard question NOT! I live in Edmonton Alberta, and yet I love hockey more than I do football. More fights in hockey.

Posted By sparrow,

I love hockey

Posted By polerberr,

I LOVE the sharks (:
Hockey all the way.
Fun to play too

Posted By xmomokox,

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