Which hunky german rapper is better


posted by Nyx


heeemmmmm there both reaally good i <3 emm both buuutttttt which do u think is the better rapper ?? ;DD

Debate It! 9

Pllllzzz comment id <3 2 hear ur thaughts
all oppinions r welcome :DD

Posted By Nyx,

niether srry i am more of a counrty girl myself

Posted By love123,

i love left
he is handsome

Posted By fajarbaru,

I don't listen to German rap?

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

Bushido is way better looking, but you could have picked a better picture of him! :-) Samy is okay, but I just prefer Bushido's voice, music and looks over Samy's.

Posted By jfarries,

ja i agree but its da best pic i cud find

P.s luv da bill kaulits pic :DD

Posted By Nyx,


Posted By Nyx,

You can't really see the caption on my picture, but it says, "You fed it after midnight, didn't you?" From the movie Gremlins. I <3 Tokio Hotel, too, but I don't care what Bill said, I really like Bushido, too. I'm finding I like Berlin rap a lot more than Hamburg rap. I've got a Samy Deluxe CD, but much more of Bushido's. And looking to get more in the next week. :-) Want to get his new one, too, which comes out in May, but will have to find a way to do it.

Posted By jfarries,

Awesome i havnt got ne of der cds since i liv in Northern Ireland :-( -tear-

Posted By Nyx,

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