Which 'Hipster Hitler' do you prefer?


posted by Rebecca


Ever wonder what Adolf Hitler would be up to if he were a) alive today and b) a total hipster? The answer is checking his email and working on his biceps.

Honestly, I never thought anyone other than Michael Jordan would be brash enough to try and resurrect the Hitler 'stache, but I underestimated a hipster's ability to hunt out and resurrect an obscure or long-forgotten trend. So kudos to you, Hipster Hitler, for bravely sporting the mustache and unfortunate haircut of one of the most infamous and reviled world leaders in history.

But let's get back to the ToT at hand--how do you prefer your Indie Adolf? Do you envision him sitting in the university computer lab updating his Tumblr about cats who look like him, or do you think he'd get really into fitness and would spend all his time at the gym pumping iron in sweatpants and an old Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirt?

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