which film do u like better?


posted by purplepumkin


i like d 2 of dem but i like twilight better!!

Debate It! 11

haven't seen it but the nitemare bfor xmas... it just looks better lol ^^

Posted By ___RAWR___,

WTF!! it is much better twilight!!

Posted By uzbeth,


Posted By fajarbaru,

obviously the nightmare before christmas.... FUCK TWILIGHT.

Posted By sampopxoxo,

d 2 of dem r good films!!!!

Posted By purplepumkin,

the two of them are not good film only nightmare before christmas is a good film twilight sucks bad i mean i can't say this enough twilight is not about vampires it's about gay faries that live in the forest because they don't eat people and they sparkle what kind of a vampire sparkles but i'm just ranting here nightmare before xmas is better

Posted By heraldez77,

nightmare before christmas is legendary, twilight is garbage.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,


Posted By sampopxoxo,

The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie ever!

Posted By danielle_bvbbotdf,

whos ur faveourite in d nightmare b4 xmas? :P

Posted By purplepumkin,

The Nightmare Before Christmas forever!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By Ferglle,

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