Which female raps better && looks good doing it ?


posted by JauneFleur9


Nicki Minaj is a new female rapper in the business who is coming out with a bang . She has different personalities, style, raps, plus she sings and everyone loves it except for Lil Kim . Nicki doesn't really care about any haters and doesn't pay mind to the disses & raps people give, she just lives her life. Lil Kim is an old female rapper who kinda knows the business and thinks shes the queen of rap. She goes hard, found her way to the top, went to jail & doesn't want to be compared to anyone, especially Nicki Minaj. She gives Nicki Minaj some disses so she can show her & everybody else who's boss. Who do you think does everything better?!

Debate It! 3

nicki iz da best...

Posted By Eugene,

Nicki ia fuccken awsome over all star n Li Kim has nuk awwwwwwwn NIcki

Posted By SkuxxieG,

NICKI all da way xx :):)

Posted By tictac1106,

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