Which edit is better?


posted by Jizaykaisabella


I got bored one day and edited some photos...

Debate It! 10

no one

Posted By fajarbaru,

whoa! XD

Posted By Gossip_Luver,


Posted By CatCatSweetCat,

ue programa usas???

Posted By vampire lover,

omg ???????????

Posted By tata-win@hotmail.com,

omfg, deffo none

Posted By shannon'x,

ew, you have way too much time on your hands, instead of spending time on hate, why don't you spend it on love, don't you have a family or friends to spend time with?

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

hey man do whatever you like to do, but yeah mariep is right too many haters

Posted By GAME_OVER100,

jesusballs, don't take this so seriously.. i edit my OWN piccha's like this. TBH; i look best with the mustache, if you wish to know x{D

Posted By Jizaykaisabella,

Miley! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER n it's soo funny!

Posted By JustinBieber22@heart,

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