Which do you prefer? Suzy and Rachel angel card readings


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Which is hottest? http://www.angels-with-r os.com/angel_card_readings.html has more info I thought it might be helpful for you if I explain to you all about Angel Card Readings, the way that I do them, the benefits that are in it for you, and what you can expect to receive in terms of guidance from an Angel Card Reading. Just a little bit of inside information really, as to the way that I do it, the way that I work with the Angels, so when you have an Angel Card Reading, you'll have a connection with the process which I think makes the whole experience far more enjoyable. What Is the Angel Card Reading Process? Once I see that you have booked an Angel Card Reading, I will book a date and a time where I will do that reading for you. I'll let you know when that is, so that you can look forward to receiving your reading. I will tune into you and your energy. I will connect to the Angelic Realm, to the Celestial Realm, to the realm where the Angels exist. They will guide me as to which cards I should use with you. Now there are a number of different cards that I could use, they're all very loving; the guidance that is received through them is all very positive and very useful to you. A lot of the information that will come through for you will be very practical.

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