Which do you prefer, headphones or earbuds?


posted by jaycee90


When you listen to music, do you prefer to use headphones or earbuds?

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earbuds dont fit or stay in my ears. maybe my ears have an abnormal shape?

Posted By jonaheim88,

Really depends, for listening to my ipod on the go I prefer earbuds but for gaming or listening to music at home I prefer headphones for their better sound quality.

Posted By BlueBandit,

Headphones are way better but earbuds are easier carry around

Posted By Jazz,

I prefer those earbuds that go inside your ear. The sound is amazing.

Posted By ChickenAteMyDonuts,

Head phones, i like the look and they are more comfortable!

Posted By zman241,

A few things to take into consideration... First and foremost location - For example if I'm at work or somewhere where I need to have a bit of awareness on what is happening around me I tend to lean towards earbuds. I pull the ole 'One in One out' trick. If I need to hear if the boss is coming, or babysitting and want to make sure no one is torturing the cat again. But for the times that I need total immersion (I choreograph dance) or need to block out the outside (study time) I go for the full fledged headphones, usually my Beats. Also a matter of what I'm listening to. Dubstep = Headphones vs Lecture = Earbuds.

Posted By adreamweavr,

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