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posted by chonkeemonkee


Which one do you believe? If two gay people got married would it REALLY affect you? Do you believe people should be married no matter what gender they are? Please no disrespectful comments.. We all have our own opnions.

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I don't think gender should get in the way<3

Posted By chonkeemonkee,

I hate homophobes.... turns out my friend is a homophobe :/

Posted By Eimuu,

If two people love and care for each other why stop them from getting married, especially when they've done nothing wrong, all they did was fall in love with someone. Im all for it, if you aren't a fan of gays or gay marriage its fine you have your own opinion, but there's a fine line between not liking something and doing something negative about it, like physically or emotionally hurting Someone, everyone has a right live their life and be happy. Don't like it? Simple, don't be one :]

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

To those who voted no, i hope your life is filled with lawsuits and divorces

Posted By poeticamor16,

IDK,people should do what they want with their lives as long as they don't do any harm to the others!

Posted By dianna22,

I hate the word Homophobia, its not a phobia, you are not afraid, you are just an asshole!
And its about who we fall in love with, we have to find what makes US happy and go for it, whatever that is.

Posted By SmoothieX,

If two people love each other it shouln't matter<3

Posted By orgxnicminds,

I am a gay man. I don't see why my relationship is any less than a heterosexual relationship. I don't see why some heterosexual man or woman should have the right to tell me whom I am allowed to marry. Would you rather me live a lie, and be unhappy my whole life? Being unable to give my "lover" of the opposite sex what she needed, simply because I was trying to be straight? I think not. I am happy with my boyfriend. If you don't like gays/lesbians, don't marry someone of the same sex. I don't see how my life effects yours, and I don't see how the thousands of people you don't even know effect your life in any way.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes. But when that opinion effects the lives of others, that is where I draw the line. We are just as much people who deserve rights as everyone else.

Posted By DustinJeremiah,

Agreed ^

Posted By orgxnicminds,

no gay marriage because when it's opposite sex, you get the opertunity to touches your loved one's body and he/she gets to explore yours...sooo fun man!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Shambala, it is very fun to explore and touch the same-sex bodies, too. I love my girlfriends body. She's still my loved one even though she is a woman.

Posted By chonkeemonkee,

A japanese man married a PILLOW but a man/woman can't marry another man/woman why?

Posted By SmoothieX,

There is nothing wrong with Gay marriage, its just there love interest and nothings wrong with it ^^

Posted By Mrs.EmilyHecox,

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