Which couple is better?


posted by cassidysmith15


I know dracoxhermione will never be together, but i love them together sooo muccchhhhh. So i just wanted to ask this question, pretending that draco actually had a chance n_n

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awwww.... i never thought about draco and hermione. that would be cute :)

Posted By bunny0974,

I know right!
They would have like a forbidden love <3
Him being a death eater and she being a mugblood
Its like romeo and juliet :)

Posted By cassidysmith15,

ron and hermione of course :P

Posted By zonda84,

Ron and Hermione duh because I want Draco ALL to myself >:]

Posted By Jasmine Lilly,

Dracooo and hermione :)

Posted By Tom_Felton_lover,

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