Which country is better over all. Comment your reasons.

posted by sethcole96


Debate It! 9

England because they have fancy tea, awesome accents and they gave the world The Beatles. :D

Posted By Toxicstardust,

I wait with my choice because this year I#m going to England and next year I#m going to the USA. But then I'll tell you! (If I don't forget it XD)

Posted By Abbey Ever Marron Chihiro Jeanne Gwendolyn Lerman I.,

sorry i gotta say england. *immediately gets shot*

Posted By HolyCannoli,

england coz we rule!

Posted By dinozzoswife,


Posted By will.omara,

England because One Direction are from England... Apart from Nialler..

Posted By NicolaPayne,

England BECAUSE im half English AND it gave me One Direction (I kno Niall is Irish) <- these are my reasons why :)

Posted By iuiittghfdhfg,

England CUZ IT RULS!!!!

Posted By auroradee99,

england coz we gave u the beatles little mix 1d and simon cowell

Posted By gleekheart,

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