Which body would you rather have?


posted by gowjaa..x


Eww and EWw

Debate It! 8

that lady on the left I saw a health show about her shes not fat she has a 200 lb. tumor in her stomach.

Posted By urie4ever,

omg so hard i dont wanna be fat but i dont want to be that skinny

Posted By zena,

ikr its hard.. and that poor chick i feel soory for her, why someone allowd that to go on google (were i found it) is really really mean and dissrespectful! lol.

Posted By gowjaa..x,

i would rather be the skinn one because all i would have to do is eat a shit load and if you where that fat i would get plastic surgery but if what the first girl said is true i wouldnt want that ether

Posted By Delanie Noelle ﺕ Young ,

i would go with the first one and eat and eat and eat go out for gourmet meals everyday until i reached a reasonable weight

Posted By lauriek,

i ould go w realli skinny cuz i <3 2 eat and i wouldnt have to worry cz im already skinny anyways

Posted By renare,

niether !!! rank much

Posted By francescasmithy,

that big fat belly almost looks like a penis at FIRST glance.

Posted By Aureliarox,

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