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WARNING : Breathe carolina isnt some sissy band that only sings about love .

Debate It! 14

one direction

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Breathe Carolina for life <3

Posted By Foreverally,

One Direction! I've never heard of Breathe Carolina...but emo flaps aren't cool bro...

Posted By notmethoidkwho,

I'll pick 1d over anything. i think saying 'no' to them is higher up on my blacklist then boiling live puppies, and honestly 'Breathe Carolina' arnt the best singers, that well known, and they arnt very cute, they look pretty scary, actually. but im not saying hate---- its just my opinion<33333

Posted By BebeKody,

To be honest their music is SO much better than girly music .. They know WHAT music is <3 They arent scary nor are they Emo Flaps ? Yeah the scream in their music .. And there sexy One Direction arent very cute :P

Posted By Foreverally,

They're both terrible.

Posted By turtleshell7,

Breathe Carolina is better

Posted By lildeedeeisdabest,


Posted By Foreverally,

I really don't care if you like one or the other. So I'm not saying anything.

Posted By notmethoidkwho,

I dont care you like crappy One Direction , i aint a sissy and not into sissy music .. So really Breathe Carolina is the WINNER ..

Posted By Foreverally,

Not according to the tot which is 32 to 60 but sure

Posted By notmethoidkwho,

According to your page your 10 im 15 ... Sooooo .. Breathe Carolina is the winner . . Go head hate .. But its whatever XD We all know Breathe Carolina has alot more " Sex appeal" and much older so know much more <3 Haters make em famous .. So hate hate hate

Posted By Foreverally,

Breathe Carolina<3 All the way!

Posted By LilVickyXx,


Posted By Liaaa,

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