What's more embarrassing?


posted by AnubisibunA


What is the more embarrassing? Being kicked off stage by Prince and seen by all -or- being photographed without makeup and shown online to all as atrocious?

Kim Kardashian says she froze and was just shy when Prince told her to dance with him at his recent Madison Square Garden concert - and finally had enough, shouting "Get off the stage!" But it's obvious she just can't dance when paired with an effeminate, shorter-than-Verne-Troyer man who could kick all our butts in basketball according to Charlie Murphy.

Sofia Veraga's natural face is being plastered on gossip sites as "looking almost unrecognizable" which is just mean and embarrassing since she's become known as MILF due to the TV show, Modern Family.

What's your opinion of which is more image crushing.

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I actually don't think Sofia looks that bad. Nice Chappelle's Show reference, btw.

Posted By Cobanerd,

I think she looks really pretty. More like Jessica Beal.

Posted By Karla,

no...what's embarrassing is the fact that prince is rocking higher heels than Kim Kardashian and a better dress ;)

Posted By thundercat832,

Sofia sans makeup

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

@Cobanerd I agree. I think she looks better without the makeup

Posted By matt,

everything about Kim K. is embarrassing.

Posted By sneakygeek,

Prince did that like a boss. But really being motionless and awkward is what made Kim Famous.

Posted By Actionamy,

Sofia san looks horrible without makeup lol

Posted By bryanna,

Sofia without makeup lol

Posted By violetkessy9,

Sofia, whoever she is, is lovely without makeup. Kim getting kicked off the stage by Prince, is the funnyest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

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