What would you choose if you were put in this situation?

posted by HannahTheBanana


Debate It! 6

A million would be more than enough to satisfy me. :)

Posted By MikeEdwards,

1 million $ iss'nt enough for me and my large family. We need a bit more ;)

Posted By Abbey Ever Marron Chihiro Jeanne Gwendolyn Lerman I.,

I'm already happy without a million so if I risk it and lose it wouldn't affect me at all

Posted By Simi,

@simi, really it wouldn't? it would effect me mate! D:
and thank you for your answers i really appreciate it. :)

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

instant one million! I never been much of a gambler I'll take what I can get and be grateful bc if I lost and got nothing I'd be so pissed off haha

Posted By MissTrouble,

This one is really difficult!

Posted By Nandia,

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