what will come out of the civil unrest in Egypt?


posted by XxHisLostFriendxX


the situation in Egypt keeps escalating and what will come from the ashes? will we see a democracy form or will we see a dictatorship, military government, or a communist government?

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I'm going to be an optimist on this one.

Posted By lockheed40,

I can't be all that optimistic because the Obama administration is pushing alBaradi. He is a globalist from the UN and not only that, but, he is not even from that country! Only that country's people know what they need!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

Actually, "democracy" and "a worse leadership than before" are not exactly mutually exclusive options here.

Posted By jogden,

Egypt already has a US-backed "Democracy". But just like many round the world is a corrupt, authoritarian regime. Its benefits have been to stymie islamism and supporting the West. But it's time to move on. The key is to prevent extremists from gaining power and expanding their support base and promote real democracy AND SECULARISM. And an end to corruption.

Posted By arcimperii,

@arcimperii: AMEN!

Posted By wstuder,

I read something that said we were in danger of "losing Egypt". If you can "lose Egypt" to... the people of Egypt, then who were you supposed to "win" it for?

Posted By jogden,

new info came in about Egypt there was an Egyptian military coup they dissolved parliament and the old constitution the government says that they'll hold control of the country until the next election.

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

I still thinks it's funny (ironic, moronic, etc.) how our goverment likes to pick and choose when it comes to dictators.

Posted By Johnny4,

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