What type are you or would prefer to be ???????

posted by lil_angelrock


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Most people don't really know what the difference between the two are.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

really it kinda a big difference

Posted By lil_angelrock,

It is a big difference type two people bring upon themselves. And everyone should know the difference anyway 'cos it is a very big issue!!!

Posted By domiukaxx,

It's actually diabetes not diabetus. I'm sure you don't care 'cos YOU DON'T FUCKING HAVE IT!!!

Posted By domiukaxx,

It's very easy for you to say ''if I did have it'' because you DON'T HAVE IT!!!!! You have absolutely NO fucking idea what it's like to have diabetes and if you wouldn't care, your precious life would end very soon. So until you have the vagues idea of what it is, go comment on something that you have more knowledge about.

Posted By domiukaxx,

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