what is the difference between demons and angels


posted by linna16


Demons are evil spirits. Their mission is to serve and commit evil deeds in the name of Lucifer or Satan and angels are good spirits their mission is to serve and worship God the angels always seek help,protect, care and the demons seek to destroy.

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goog people is fool

Posted By fabigblue,

I love the demons, they are kings

Posted By Astoreth,

i dont know angels and demons so i wait to die

Posted By alefandro,

i agree with alejandro

Posted By rwedasda,

the angels are good and cute :)

Posted By catherinecga,

the angels is the best option =)

Posted By solanlly,

I don't like demons, I am afraid since that the angels are special and very beautiful. XD

Posted By JulianaBautista,

me gustan los angeles

Posted By anaelviraospino,

I believe in angels!!

Posted By heldavis,

Demons in the end of any pact will collect your soul for they seek only the ruin of souls for they have none and bring nothing but misery, most of all they will hurt not only you but those around you. Angels if called upon will protect you and guide you with no negative consequences, They bring good and peace to ones life. Demonology and the divine comedy by donte can paint the best picture.

Posted By lennonfan,

All Demons are Angels(well fallen angels) but not all Angels are Demons.

Posted By Leonz845,

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