What do you think of the new 'invisible' bike helmet?


posted by jarango


A new "invisible bike helmet" was recently created that allows cyclists to protect their head without all the hassle of wearing a silly looking helmet. Instead, riders wear a ridiculous looking collar that inflates like an airbag in the event of a crash.

The invisible bike helmet (Hovding), retails for $600 and is good for just one inflation before it needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, a basic helmet on Amazon retails for about $20 - $30.

Is the Hovding worth its exorbitant price tag, or is it just a stupidly expensive gimmick?

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Stupid as hell. I broke my cheekbone after coming off my bike, and it can happen very, very quickly. Nothing can guarantee it will even inflate before the impact =/

Posted By dammyjodger,

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