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Some people like to correct others and show off how smart they are. Others think that's annoying. What do you think?

Debate It! 12

I thought I'd make an actual ToT with choices this time.

Posted By takeyourmarx,

This one is pretty awesome.

Posted By Rebecca,

I noticed someone fixed the "other's" to "others' ". Well done. Or was it?

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I believe that literacy, grammar, and other related topics are just as important as math and science. As long as you're not correcting someone in a snarky manner, I don't see a problem with it.

Posted By Volatile,

I would say that language is an ever evolving system. And when we define rules, like grammar. They are truly meant to be broken. There is an awesome book by Bill Bryson discussing how the English language has evolved in America. He discusses topics such as how Ain't was in fact a real word and grammatically correct at one time. That the only reason we consider it wrong now is due to who uses it socially. Very interesting book. Check it out; Made in America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States

Posted By matt,

No money :( Otherwise, I would probably enjoy reading it.

Posted By Volatile,

Drives me MAD! I make errors on purpose when I'm around that type of person... Just to really piss them off...

Posted By cm_cahill,

Easy. Don't be stupid and you won't have people correcting you all of the time. :)

Posted By iwuntmuffen,

Like when I misspell teh and refuse to correct it? Or when Android voice recognition fails to understand and I fail to catch the error? It's not on purpose.

Posted By ashbuckles,

grammers are bads for the wordings of commenting.

Posted By kylemacmac,

I only correct people when they are absolutely awful at it.

Posted By Silverblade12345,

dont know

Posted By fajarbaru,

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