What do think is best Psychology or Psychiatry?


posted by catherinecga


The Psychologists have more forms of specialization. The Psychiatrists are physicians with permission to medicate. The Psychologist treats patients by interfering with their conduct psychological evaluations through. The Psychiatrist working with people with serious mental illnesses and give them medications.

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Hmmmm i don`t know now

Posted By Astoreth,

behavior is my life, no medicine

Posted By fabigblue,

I always prefer psychology

Posted By linna16,

the psychology is the law is the best

Posted By rwedasda,

all my life i prefer the psichology

Posted By alefandro,

Psychology is better

Posted By Diana Cabllero,

all the time it is a complement.

Posted By jenfer291093,

Psychology is best, is my life is what I Chose.

Posted By JulianaBautista,

I like Psychology

Posted By solanlly,

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