what color do you wish to be please comment wht color you are and color you want to be


posted by babyfat12244


im not racist

Debate It! 10

Im white, I wana be white
Im just happy with who I am =)

Posted By RockJake28,

Soy Blanco pero me encantaria ser Negro
Ser negro es la posta, Me encantaria ser un hermano
para poder jugar al basket, para poder hacer rap negro, para poder tener una mama con 10 hijos, todos de diferentes padres, para ir a la universidad y ganar una beca (siempre es de basket para los negros, otra cosa no se puede), tambien para tener el pene mas grande, eso le gusta a las chicas, Ademas del carisma Negro que esto conlleva, la buena onda, Negra

Posted By Mcanalloving,

im tan..lol

Posted By beentot15,

im asian. what does that make me?

Posted By dangerous862,

Im black and I love it. :) so yea I rather be black

Posted By monkeyokei,

Who cares? You are the color you are, lol.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

so touching i just wanted to see whos not greatful 4 the color good gave you
and i speak spanish

Posted By babyfat12244,

i am happy being white. im not racist

Posted By tankdude8,

Is this some sort of racest question

Posted By Belowhell7241,

white and im not changing my self to please no one i am who i am deal with it motha fuckas!

Posted By Amber0001,

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