we both think we are ugly,but who is prettier?


posted by kaytack01


we both think we are ugly and we want you as the people to vote who is prettier out of the two of us whoever wins has to shut up about being ugly for a long time (dunno how long) their is no losing just winning and seeing what you lot think tbh:)xx thank you <3

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you're both pretty though

Posted By deathly_hallows,

aaagh, all you little girls are just competing. Neither of you really thinks they're ugly, otherwise you'd never ever post a picture in fear of reaction. And you know what? If you have to choose between a lemon and a lime you just pick one. Even though you hate them both. There is no fair competition here.. So please, just go to myspace or som'ing, beacause all you little attentionwhores are really getting on my nerves.

Posted By Samirah,

Beauty is in the mind

Posted By JerryLittlemars,

Both are beautiful. Danielle is cute though.

Posted By TJW902,

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