Ultimate Harry Potter Character: Round 2: Part 11


posted by polerberr


This is round 2 of the tourney. Tomorrow results for todays 6 will be counted and also begins round 3 (Ok so I brought Tonks back because when it was voting time, Lupin was winning but then literally about 5 minutes Tonks was winning and it had been fluctuating the whole day and I thought Ill just bring her back and pair her against someone else)

Debate It! 6

Ok the pictures are a mess today sorry. Iv been under allot of pressure today (important exams) :P

Posted By polerberr,

omgeee... this is horrible. i cant decide. I LOVEEEE them both.

Posted By gigglegirl029,

both r great...bt tonks secrifies alot....:(

Posted By Rinku,

Luna is Loony :DDDDD

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

Lol :) Tonks is going to round 3

Posted By polerberr,

tonks is a metamorphigus

Posted By Dracomalfoyismylife,

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