Ultimate Harry Potter Character: Round 1: Part 6


posted by polerberr


I am performing a tournament to see who is the Ultimate Harry Potter Character! Round 1 consits of 20 ToT's. 5 will be released each day and the result will be counted the following day. Enjoy voting for your favorite! (Btw if you really dont know who to choose, go for Lupin ;))

Debate It! 10

Remus Lupin is my favorite Harry Potter character :)

Posted By polerberr,

I have to vote for the werewolf. He is awesome.

Posted By Wolf,

I love tonks!!!!!

Posted By Hermionexx,

i have to say tonks cause she is like so cool she is funny and fun to be around

Posted By alishahpfan17,

hummmm wife vs. husband (they get married in book 7)

Posted By carol,

They get married? Iv never read the books :P

Posted By polerberr,

yes they do it even say in HP 7 in the movie and if u read the books in book 3 black gives ron a minuture owl named pigwidion

Posted By carol,

Well, this ones been changin all day, but its voting time and its 52 Lupin / 48 Tonks

Posted By polerberr,

Wow its still changing and voting time is over. This one has proven to be kind of interesting

Posted By polerberr,

As much as Lupin is awesome I have to say I love Tonks. i mean she is way cool. Her hair changes colour!!

Posted By heathergrace,

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