Ultimate Harry Potter Character: Round 1: Part 13


posted by polerberr


I am performing a tournament to see who is the ultimate Harry Potter Character. Round 1 consists of 20 parts. 5 will be released each day, this is day 3.

Debate It! 7

Surpriingly, Quirrell is my fave out of these two

Posted By polerberr,

mcgonagall for me because no matter how strict she is she does care about the students and she does care about harry alot

Posted By alishahpfan17,

Thats true. I like quirrell because hes just funny to watch, like the scene where he runs into the hall and shouts "Theres a troll in th dungeon!" and faints, lol.

Posted By polerberr,


Posted By carol,

Lol a lousy 7% for quirrell... I confess to voting for him too.

Posted By HipsterKitty,

McGonagall goes to round 2

Posted By polerberr,

McGonagal :) no competition there

Posted By heyryan,

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