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Should a "sing-off" be added to the 2012 Presidential campaign?
President Obama channeling his inner Al Green last week and Mitt Romney making 'America the Beautiful' anything but brings to mind the idea of having a 'sing-off' be the latest addition to the ongoing circus that is the presidential campaigns. Would it be a fitting contribution to the madness or too much of a crime against our ears?
Restroom time alarms: Necessary or overreaching?
A call center in Norway has installed alarms in the restrooms that alert managers if an employee is using them for more than 8 minutes. Is this policy necessary for customer service or an overreaching violation of privacy?
Will you be watching the new HBO series "Luck?"
HBO's new horse racing-focused series 'Luck,' starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, premiered last night. Are you pumped for the rest of the season or not?
Pennsylvania school bans Ugg boots. Extreme or appropriate?
A middle school in Pennsylvania has put a ban on wearing Ugg boots after it was discovered that students were hiding cell phones in them, which were disrupting classes. Is the ban extreme or appropriate?
Should indoor skydiving count as part of a PE course?
A 15-year old girl in the UK has been allowed to skydive indoors as part of a PE course. Does this kind of activity really count in this context or not?
Hitler's "Wolf's Lair" is up for rent. Any takers?
The 'Wolf's Lair,' the massive, heavily fortified base in Eastern Poland where Nazi leader Adolf Hitler spent most of World War II, is up for rent. Would you be interested in purchasing it or are you dissuaded by its association with one of modern history's most evil tyrants?
Will the Green Bay Packers recover quickly from their crushing playoff loss on Sunday?
The defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers were humiliatingly stunned 37-20 by the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional playoff round. Will the Packers be back to rolling through the competition next season or will this loss take a while to come back from?
Will "The Descendants" continue to win Best Picture at future ceremonies?
Heartfelt family drama 'The Descendants' won Best Dramatic Motion Picture at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Will it continue to garner the top prize at future awards ceremonies in the lead-up to the Oscars or will it be bested by its competition, which includes crowd-charmer 'The Artist'?
Amish men jailed over reflective triangles. Justified or overbearing?
A group of Amish men in Kentucky were jailed for refusing to put reflective triangles, a sign required for slow-moving vehicles, on the back of their horse-drawn carts. Is the state rightfully enforcing the law or overstepping its bounds with the jailing?
Would you be interested in a Steve Jobs comic book?
Bluewater Productions has released a comic book that details the life of iconic Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died last October. Does this spur your interest at all or not?
Israeli MP's water assault: Incivility or Politics?
A heated argument in the Israeli parliament this week climaxed when MP Anastassia Michaeli threw water on colleague Raleb Majadele. Is this incivility at its worst or just another day in the increasingly polarized world of politics?
Should the SEC be banned from the BCS title game?
Monday's BCS National Title re-match between LSU and Alabama was only a slight improvement on the snooze-fest they put fans through back in November. The Southeastern Conference has now won six straight national titles. Would you like to see it banned from the title game for at least six years or are you content with their dominance of college football?
Dogs have the social skills of children: surprising or not?
A recent study by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has discovered that a dog's understanding of human communication is equal to that of young children. Is that surprising at all or not (especially considering how both behave)?
Chaz Bono is single: any takers, ladies?
GLBT activist and author and transsexual man Chaz Bono is single after splitting with his fiancé last month. So ladies, would you be comfortable dating him or would knowing that he was born with the same equipment as you be a turn-off?
Will you read James Franco's upcoming novel?
Oscar-nominated actor James Franco has sold the publishing rights to his first novel, 'Actors Anonymous,' to Amazon. The book will be loosely based on his life. Will you read it?
Who will win the second NFL playoff game on Saturday?
The NFL playoff action continues on Saturday when the Detroit Lions visit the New Orleans Saints. Who will win?
Who will win the first NFL playoff game on Saturday?
The NFL playoffs kick off on Saturday, starting with the Cincinnati Bengals visiting the Houston Texans. Who will win?
Justifiable or not: Journalist punches reveler with microphone
A journalist in Pakistan expressed his annoyance with being shoved around while broadcasting amongst a rowdy crowd of revelers on New Years eve by punching one of them with his microphone while on TV. Is that justifiable or out of line?
Will Rick Santorum be a force to be reckoned with during the GOP primaries?
GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum lost Tuesday's Iowa caucus by only 8 votes. Does this mean that he has a real shot to win the nomination as the primary season progresses?
Will the Saints follow up Drew Brees' historic season with a Super Bowl run?
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's single-season passing yardage record Monday night. As playoff time nears, do you think Brees and co. will follow up his historic season with a run to the Super Bowl?
Romney's In, But How Far Can He Go This Time?
Whether you think he's homely and earnest or just another flip-flopping, slick-haired use car salesman or robot husband prototype, you better get used to Mitt Romney because he's not fading into political obscurity anytime soon. The former Massachusetts governor is once again tossing his hat into the ever-expanding GOP presidential ring, where most polls place him as the steady frontrunner. Like some of his fellow contenders, he made the Thursday announcement in New Hampshire, where ...
"Walmart of Weed" Opening in Arizona
Apparently Arizona has a fun side too (for health reasons, that is). weGrow, the "Walmart of weed," is opening its largest outlet in Phoenix on Wednesday. It already has two outlets in California, and doesn't actually sell medical marijuana, but rather "everything" that's needed to cultivate it, and openly says that their hydroponic equipment is meant for the drug. This outlet opened in Sacramento in February The outlet's placement was made possible by the ...
Westboro Baptist Church Too Extreme for the KKK
The Klu Klux Klan and the notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church are ironically like gays and many pro-life conservatives: they're two groups that could easily work together, but one group's hatred is too extreme for any potential ally. At least that appeared to be the case on Monday before President Obama led the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Three members of the Topeka, Kansas-based cult of hate church found themselves face to face with about 80 ...
The Tragedy of Jim "Nixon" Tressel
On a day for celebrating America's heroes, an unexpected "villain" made peace with his predicament and stepped down from one of the most prestigious positions of his profession. Amidst a scandal that has tarnished the reputation of not only Ohio State's football program, but the university as a whole, head coach Jim Tressel resigned on Monday, three months before the start of the season. As a fan of another Big Ten team, I'm both stunned and slightly relieved. Then again...
"Hangover 2" is Coming, So Here Are 7 Solid Comedy Sequels
The Hangover roofied audiences two years ago and left them wondering what the hell happened the night before. Its highly anticipated sequel has just been unleashed. Whether it's a worthy sequel or a cookie cutter clone of the original, here are seven worthwhile sequels that kept their respective series afloat. Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) As I mentioned in a previous sequel-focused article, this was the last decent entry in the series that propelled Eddie Murphy into another comedic ...
No Trump & Huck? Who Gives a F@#k!
Why would Mike Huckabee, an ordained minister, leave a handsomely salaried gig where he simply preaches to the choir? Why would a tycoon like Donald Trump forsake a seemingly never-ending TV series where he mercilessly enforces his will upon others with just two words? I'm surprised these two potential candidates were even considering the pay cut to become President of the United States. Not wanting to rock their own boats (or yachts, in this case), the former Arkansas Governor and the guy ...
How Arnold Can Terminate His Sorrow
Does Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair with his housekeeper that produced a child and his impending divorce from Maria Shriver mean "hasta la vista" to the screen icon's blockbuster-loaded film career? Seeing how romantic comedies have never been a Schwarzenegger specialty, he should be back to doing what he does best: talking very little while killing very much. Step 1 to redemption: bringing audiences back the brutal brilliance of 1991 According to his IMDB profile, the ...
Bush Surprisingly Not "Overjoyed" at Bin Laden's Death
For someone whose presidency was defined by the actions masterminded by the world's most wanted man, one would usually expect him to be thrilled along with the rest of the country when that man has finally been brought to justice. Instead of expressing sheer joy over the death of Osama Bin Laden, former President George W. Bush continued the subtle approach he's taken to world events since he left office more than two years ago. While speaking to a crowd of hedge-fund managers in ...
Mavericks: Champ Sweepers to Future Round Fodder?
After David slayed Goliath, he became King of Israel and Judah. Will the NBA's current David become king? Only three times in the last 20 playoffs has the team who knocked off the reigning champs gone on to claim the title for themselves. The Dallas Mavericks, after their dominating victory on Sunday that swept the defending two-time (and heavily favored to "three-peat") champion Los Angeles Lakers, will aim to repeat the success of the 1991 Chicago Bulls, and the 2003 and 2005 ...
"Godfather" Prequel Novel: An Offer That We'll Wish Was Refused?
A prequel to Mario Puzo's best-selling novel The Godfather, an iconic book that spawned two of the greatest films ever made, is scheduled to hit shelves in June of next year. Playwright and novelist Ed Falco (uncle of former Sopranos star Edie Falco) is slated to write the book, and the project has the blessing of Puzo's (who died in 1999) son Tony and and publisher Jamie Raab. The novel, entitled The Family Corleone, will be the fourth one in the series after the 1969 original and ...
Not So "Fast" Fives: 5 Fourth Sequels That Sucked
While Fast Five was released on Friday to mostly positive reviews and dominated the weekend box office, some other fourth sequels haven't been as fortunate. Not many film franchises extend to at least four sequels, and even fewer manage to make them halfway decent. Here are some of the crappiest movies to crank out a way subpar 5th iteration. Rocky V (1990) Director of Oscar-winning original, check! Main cast intact, check! Bill Conti's iconic score, check! So why do series ...
Ron Paul Is At It Again
Well it's official, Ron Paul thinks he's the next Ayatollah Khomeini: a retirement-age "revolutionary." The physician, author, two-decade Texas Congressman, and two-time Presidential candidate launched his exploratory committee for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination on Tuesday, feeling that the third time will be a charm. Paul has won numerous conservative straw polls over the last couple of years, and one Rasmussen Poll from last April had him in a statistical dead heat ...
The Curious Case of Mel's Beaver
Some clusterf@#ks are too good to be true.Oscar-winning director and co-producer, booze-wielding anti-semite, and lord of all he surveys (Malibu) Mel Gibson has conquered everything from post-apocolyptic biker gangs to diplomatically immune criminals to ruthless monarchs, but now he has truly met his match in the form of...a ragged beaver puppet? Starting on May 6, moviegoers will have the opportunity to spend roughly 10 bucks to see Gibson find a new purpose in life through a toy rodent in ...
Grizzlies Squatting with Their "Spurs" On
Several years ago I was walking around a cowboy antique store in Central Oregon and was looking at a few humorous signs. One that caught my eye in particular read "Don't Squat With Yer Spurs On!" Though I didn't buy it, that saying now comes to mind considering what we're witnessing in the NBA playoffs. The Memphis Grizzlies are defying that sign's advice and are on the verge of becoming only the second team in history to knock out the top seed in the first round ...
"Birther" Bachmann? Surprisingly Not!
Michele Bachmann has become quite the incredulous quote machine lately. Some of her greatest hits include: At the Western Conservative Summit in Denver about the "evils" of the Obama administration, July 9, 2010: "We will talk a little bit about what has transpired in the last 18 months and would we count what has transpired into turning our country into a nation of slaves." On health care reform, August 2009: "This cannot pass. What we have to do today is make a ...
Giants-Redskins & Jets-Cowboys on 9/11 Anniversary: A Pedestal or Veil?
Whether or not there will be an 2011-12 NFL season, at least we'll know what fans could be missing out on with the release of this year's schedule on Tuesday. Two games on opening Sunday particularly stand out: the New York Giants visiting the Washington Redskins, and then the New York Jets hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. As if there wouldn't be enough emotion in both stadiums already, that day is also the 10th anniversary of the most tragic event in American ...
5 Trilogy Add-Ons That Could Make Us "Scream"
Scream 4 came out last Friday to mixed reviews and finished second at the box office. So obviously the next question for the world of Hollywood hackery is: what trilogies could possibly be tarnished further if not shat on altogether, with one (or another) unnecessary chapter? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides This sequel comes out in late May, kicking off the summer blockbuster season. To be perfectly honest, I've never cared for the Pirates series at all. They're ...
Little Love From Home Crowd for 2012 GOP Candidates
Some Republican voters are apparently as energized as any given empty stadium about their party's Presidential hopefuls. According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, less than 50 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents think positively of the current 2012 field, a drastic decline considering that the field from four years ago had the approval of almost two-thirds of GOP voters. GOP reaction to these faces: *sigh* Mitt Romney was the only candidate to break ...
"I Have a Muthaf@#kin' Dream!"
When your greatest performance is that of a hit man who spouts biblical rhetoric while toting a Smith & Wesson .45, then what other pinnacle role is there but that of the most famous person of your race to hold the title of Reverend? It's not called "The Mountaintop" for nothing. As it turns out Samuel L. Jackson will indeed portray Martin Luther King Jr. in his Broadway debut starting on September 22, in the play with the aforementioned title that is taken from the ...
Bonds Up 3-1 in the Count After Trial
So the defendant's table can be just as kind as the batter's box for the all-time home run king. Barry Bonds was found guilty on one count of obstruction of justice on Wednesday, while the jury failed to reach a verdict on the three other counts regarding the slugger's alleged steroid use. The verdict was achieved after a 12-day trial and three and a half days of deliberation. Bonds was indicted back in November of 2007. So what's next? Bonds was semi-exonerated on ...
No Party? No Problem for The Donald!
Two of the common hurdles frequently faced by independent candidates for office are a lack of name recognition and the inability to run a well-financed campaign that's enjoyed by those running with a D or R by their name. If he doesn't win the Republican nomination for President next year, supreme lord of media whores real estate tycoon and reality TV host Donald Trump would face no such obstacles. Trump told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that he would "probably" run ...
5 "Weekly" Songs Older (and Cooler) Than Rebecca Black
Most of the music I listen to is older than me, and Rebecca Black is just the latest reason why. The other night I unfortunately stumbled upon her unforgivable abomination against the greatest day of the week, and after about 30 seconds or so I started feeling an uncomfortable tingling in my face. I quickly closed the tab, pulled up iTunes, clicked on a random song, and felt instantly relieved.
Butler and VCU: Serving and Stampeding Towards Houston
Crushing UTEP and then outlasting Murray State, Syracuse, Kansas State, and Michigan State while coming within 2 points (and a few inches) of a national championship as a 5 seed is soooo last year. If jaw-dropping drama were a multi-course meal elaborately served in a mansion, there's no more appropriately named team in all of college athletics than Butler.
Will the Play-Ins Play On?
Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top will become Gillette spokesmen before a 16 seed beats a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The first-round pee-on battles between North Carolina-Ashville and Arkansas Little Rock, and Texas-San Antonio and Alabama State will only determine which corpses get the flowers.
5 Dark Horses Who Could Light Up March Madness
With all due respect to the David vs. Goliath-esque upsets, March truly isn't mad without low-seeded major conference teams making a push for the Final Four and even a National Title. Who are the potentially "imposing" underdogs for 2011? Here are 5 dark horses you should keep your eye on.
Way Too Early Bloomer? 23-Year Old to Run for Congress
Members of Congress already act (read "spend") like drunken frat boys, so why not let someone from that age group in on the fun! Enter Ranjit "Ricky" Gill of Lodi, California. He's 23, and yesterday he kicked off his campaign for an office that he is currently too young to legally hold. "I will be constitutional in the election year. So I do turn 25 in 2012," Gill said. Score one for honesty, something his potential future colleagues sorely lack (along with William Claiborne, who was elected to Congress in 1797 by possibly lying about his age).
Best Response to Westboro Ruling: Peacefully Mobilize The Playground!
Back in 2002, as a prominent part of his weekly talk show, Dennis Miller went off on one of his trademark rants. This particular diatribe was about free speech and how its status appeared to be in limbo after 9/11. However, he brought up an intriguing point that can be directly tied to the controversial ruling made Wednesday by the Supreme Court that allowed for the notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church to picket soldiers' funerals.
Eerie or Ironic: Newt's In, Shutdown's (Temporarily) Out
On Tuesday it was reported that notorious former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will officially test the presidential waters for 2012 and form an exploratory committee for the Republican nomination. Gingrich, who will make the announcement Thursday, is the first major contender to enter the race. However, if a showdown with the president whom he once referred to as a "con" man and "authentically dishonest" is the worm this early bird hopes to catch, he has this unforgettable blemish on his reputation.
Old Legends, New Tradition on Oscar Night: 5 Acting Veterans to Dust Off for Future Shows
When Spartacus himself, the ever graceful Kirk Douglas, hobbled toward the mic to present the award for Best Supporting Actress, he demonstrated an astounding amount of energy, stamina, and humor. This begs the question: will we be seeing more acting veterans trotted out to honor talented women young enough to be their great-granddaughters? If so, here are five suggestions for the next ceremony and beyond.
Badass, Not Dumbass: 5 Movies That Made Charlie Sheen Praiseworthy
Long before he was indulging in fratboy-esque shenanigans while cutting multi-grand checks to porn stars from my hometown, Charlie Sheen was compiling a film resume consisting of performances that range from heartfelt to downright goofy. These efforts now seem like ancient relics, but they actually serve as proof that he is much more than just another member of the Sheen/Estevez clan.
Time to Move Out, Big Brother Muammar!
As of this writing, Muammar al-Qadhafi, the 68 year-old "Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution," is still in Tripoli, most likely with his private plane fueled and on standby. A government statement played the outside forces blame game by referring to the protesters as "terrorist gangs made up mostly of misguided youths," and that they are being exploited and fed "hallucinogenic pills" by those following foreign agendas.
No More Mr. Nice Guy On Oscar Night
Let's be honest, "good guys" finish last when it comes to Oscar. Since 2006, seven of the eight awards given to the best leading and supporting male performer, have been for characters who are on the bottom rung when it comes to moral standing. They range from Alan Arkin's foul-mouthed, porn-reading, and heroin-addicted Grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine, to an outright cold-blooded, merciless, and paranoid tyrant in Forest Whitaker's portrayal of notorious Ugandan despot Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland. This year's ceremony promises to be no different as one best actor nominee and four of the supporting ones portray individuals who certainly deserve a place on the prick-o-meter.
The Buck(s) Stop Where?
Former President Harry S. Truman had a small sign on his desk that displayed four iconic words. They emphatically proclaimed the authority and responsibility that came with his office's place atop the chain of command. Now those words can be enquiringly applied to Ohio State's current spot atop the college basketball world. For Truman, his role was asserted with "The Buck Stops Here." For the #1 and only undefeated team in the nation as the final stretch before March Madness rears its frequently unpredictable head, it begs the question: "The Bucks Stop Where?
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