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That's a very long list and I do like Bullet For My Valentine, Paramore, Panic At The Disco, All American Rejects, Afi and Asking Alexandria too. But I love MCR most of them all (probably cos of Gerard Way 'cos he's awesome!!!!! <3 ).
cool mcr kicks ass
I LOVE My Chemical Romance!!!! I like All Time Low, BVB, Tokyo Hotel. I bit of Deathstar is ok and I'm quiet fond of classical music 'cos I have been playing it for soooo long (not by my own choice though ). How about you?
me i lov mcr, eyes set to kill, bullet 4 my Valentine, escape the fate, linkin park, evanescence, flyleaf, paramore, panic at the disco, a day to remember, bring me the horizon, all american rejects, afi, korn, foo fighters, green day, simple plan, price the veil, greeley estates, drop dead gorges, asking alexandria, modern day escape, never shout never, get scared, attack attack, alesana, the overunder, rise against and lots more those r wat i lessen 2 the most!
I don't really have a style. I love wearing colorful and quirky things. I'm a dress person (don't like wearing trousers).I still haven't found 'my' style so my friend are going to help me get an emo/goth look and see if it suits me. So you like to dress in black mostly?
ya love black n purple not a big dress fan like pants n shorts.......so? wat music u like ?
Ok, gotcia. So he annoys you, you don't like him and don't particularly want to talk to about him. Lets talk about emos then. How cool and ( I think) miss-understood and given a lot of bad press. BTW you are emo, right?
no im not emo people do think i am cus " I look like one" but i dress in black alot n ya emos do get alot of shit but i support em (weird subject we hit here) wats ur style?
Nice Pic :)
I'm guessing you hate the guy called ace6534 or something too. Do you think hes retard himself and fells ashamed of it and that's the reason he calls everyone a ''fucking retard'' ?
mm i really dont know n dont care 4 him , he amuses me plus those words he uses r far away from my knowledge n hate is a strong word just dont like him da much (cant hate someone u dont know)
which poet do u like more ?
Edgar is more me i lov his work n Shakespeare i lov his quotes n lov Romeo n Juliet <3
So Gerard Way is 34 not 35??? I think he looks really young (and HOT) anyway. Such a shame we're not a few years younger, isn't it?
ya so HOT but i dont really care about the age love him how he is no matter wa! <3
Did you know that Gerard is 35 years old???? I still can't believe it 'cos he looks soooooo H O T !!!!!!!! <3 Him ^_^
mm ya hes so hot n so young looking but he just barley terned 34 on april 9th :)
do u like slipknot ??????
their not one of my fave. bands but i say their cool...........
You follow me!
no im good :)
Can you follow me without me having to follow you? :)
Follow me??
I think you are cool and amazing just like emos are!!! :D
oh thanx ur making me blush (hahaha)
do you like poetry...........?
Dying Inside -Michelle Helton as I write your name upon my wall I die inside my vision starts to fade can you feel me slipping away into the depths of hell where not even you can reach me.....
Are you and Murederous Temptation brother and sister ? (:
no i dont know who she is or why she is saying that O_o
Do you like Gossip Girl ? (:
whose hotter........?
both are hot but i say gerard is hotter
Why are you following me ? (:
mmmmm FOLLOW ME:)
are you a serious person?
sometimesO_o u?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
Would you rather Call or Text?
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Which do you like better, Snickers or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?
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