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Which college football team owns the state of Michigan?
Michigan's going to a BCS game. Michigan State…not so much. In spite of the Spartans 2-touchdown victory over the Wolverines, beating them for the 4th consecutive time and finishing higher than them in the Big Ten standings, 'Sparty' will be headed to the Outback Bowl January 2nd in Tampa, while their arch rival Michigan will be preparing for Virginia Tech in the 2012 Sugar Bowl. Does Michigan ...
Is Tiger Woods ready to once again rule the golf world?
With Tiger Woods' win last weekend, many are suggesting he's come full circle since the beginning of his epic fall from grace. Beginning with his less-than-memorable Thanksgiving, throughout the revelations of his sexual escapades and finally with his exceedingly sub par play on the course, his plight has been an open book for all to see, joke about and berate in disgust (For some). He&...
Who would you take with the first pick in the NFL draft?
Matt Barkley's performance over the second half of the college football season has somewhat derailed the runaway hype-train that was the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. While Luck's skills have certainly not diminished, Barkley has shown near to equal presence, accuracy and ability to lead an NFL franchise as the aforementioned Luck, and some are now arguing he's surpassed him in regards to the first ...
As the College Football World Turns
What do Barry Bonds and Ohio State football have in common? Both cheated when they didn't have to. The world of college football is in the midst of being turned upside down, inside out, and any other superlative description for tearing away at the innards of an entity in question. Since February of this year, media outlets abound have taken their cuts at a sport seemingly on the fast track to the top of the American sports heap. With the NBA and NFL either currently in the thick of or on ...
10 Celebrities I'd Like to See on the Next Season of "Dancing with the Stars"
The 12th season of Dancing With The Stars just ended. Since the show has first aired, we've seen a bevy of football players, boy-banders, has-been actors, astronauts, soap stars, teen idols, and reality stars aplenty. From the NFL's Emmit Smith to Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono, 98 Degrees' Drew Lachey to Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey, and car racing's Helio Castroneves to the ageless Donny Osmond, celebrities abound have mamboed, jived and waltzed their way to one of ...
The 10 Best Sports Talk Radio Hosts in the Country
Over the last two decades, sports talk radio has burrowed its way into mainstream media. For better or worse, many of these guys have, are, or will be making millions informing, entertaining, and unfortunately antagonizing you, I, and everyone else willing to tune into any or all of them on a daily basis. While the majority of them are covering much of the same things, most do it in very different and unique ways. Some have partners, others work amidst a group, and a select few rely nearly ...
I Didn’t Make Sports, But I’m Going to Make Sports Better
Creationism or Evolution? Depending on who you talk to there's ample evidence to support either, but what's inarguable is that both apply to the world of sports: we created them and they continue to evolve. After all, you may or may not believe in Adam and Eve, poisonous fruit, and/or a talking snake, but nowhere in the Bible was there mention of a touchdown, walk-off homer, or slam dunk. They're our games, and it's up to us to rid them of their imperfections. From football to ...
Ahhh Yesss...The Masters
How do you think you'd look in a green jacket? Probably not very good, but after 75 years of history, a life's worth of range balls, and 72 holes of the best golf of your life, few things would look better. This week marks the 75th year of golf's greatest event. While some will argue the merits of the U.S. Open (whose course setup is unrivaled as the game's most difficult test), and others prefer the Open Championship (which has history on its side), neither can match the excitement, the aura, and the pageantry of Augusta National...golf's unparalleled Eden.
O Tiger, Where Art Thou?
It's been nearly 16 months since Eldrick "Tiger" Woods last won a golf tournament. Since that time, he's become fodder for every talking head in and around the game of golf who's been chomping at the bit to take their run at the man thought previously to be off limits.
Cam Newton: Hi World, It’s “Me” Again
In a shocking development, Cam Newton managed to alienate a handful of NFL executives recently at the league's annual cattle call combine. Between bench presses, wind sprints, various cone drills, and jump tests he found time to refer to himself in the third person three times, express delight in all "he'd" accomplished during the year he'd spent at Auburn and anoint himself as an "entertainer" and "icon" above all. I'd like to initially ...
The NBA: Going, Going…Almost Gone
The man thought previously to be the gold standard of league commissioners is killing his league with his own sword. The very strategy used to vault the league into the stratosphere of the 90's is now sinking a ship formerly thought to be unsinkable. And contrary to popular belief, the product is not strong.
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