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Which Team Will Be the 2012 NBA Champions?
A lockout. A lot of injuries. A wet willy. What more do you need to prove that this year in pro hoops was one of the weirdest and saddest in NBA history? Oh, right, a new futility record for a team owned by Michael Jordan. That was pretty weird/sad. The 2012 postseason starts today, just 125 days after the regular season began last Christmas. Here is a look at the eight series, each with their own impending weirdness/sadness. EASTERN CONFERENCE Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers MY ...
Contraceptive Battle: This Slut Votes vs. Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh set off quite a media storm when he called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown student, a "slut" for being on birth control. Jenna Soard has responded in kind. This Slut Votes seeks to protect reproductive health care rights and privacy She feels that if a media voice such as Rush wants to call women sluts and push a no-choice agenda as though the sexual revolution never happened, then so be it. She will not (pardon the pun) take it laying down. She stands up to proudly ...
Would You Use an App That Pays People Stuck in Traffic?
CommutePays is a free mobile app that tracks traffic data along specified routes. It works with route information that gets entered after downloading the app, and the smartphone (it is available to Android and iPhone, with a BlackBerry app on the way) is then able to identify potential delays before the user takes to the road. While driving, the user accrues CommuterCash that opens up deals, offers, and promotions that exist on their route. In other words, a user gets the app, then does ...
The NBA 2012 All-Headcase Team
The NBA 2012 All-Star Weekend is fast approaching, with the usual festivities planned for this wekend in Orlando. There will be 12 guys playing for each conference, each of whom were either voted by fans as the best or appointed by coaches of the 30 NBA teams. The stars are fun to watch, but more exciting is the reality that there are some legitimately insane players in the NBA. The league's rich history of nutjobs -- including all-time bonkers ballers Rasheed Wallace, Stephon Marbury, ...
Which NICK Show Do You Miss More: All That or Clarissa Explains It All?
So I'm channel surfing and boom, All That hits my screen and I am amazed at how powerfully watching a skit featuring Repair Man-Man-Man-Man hearkened me back to my childhood, a golden era of Nickelodeon TV that featured this youth-oriented skit show. Musical guests such as Coolio, Aaliyah, and Blackstreet ruled the mid-1990s, and the show launched careers for Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Amanda Bynes, among others. All That had that awesome theme music from much do you ...
Titanic 3D: Worth the Update or Waste of Time?
Titanic is the ultimate cinematic vehicle for its actors, director, producers, screenwriters...hell, it's likely that even the staff accountants and caterers won some awards and have enjoyed an ensuing 15 years of career successes and royalties. 3D is the ultimate cinematic vehicle for polarizing audiences. Though popular with audiences and a growing number of directors, there is a Facebook page dedicated to denigrating the medium, and Christopher Nolan, the man behind the Batman Dark ...
Is the Cat Man Crazy or a Visionary?
The Cat Man, who has received worldwide play in the media for the past few years, is a human being whose obsession with the feline lifestyle has resulted in his several surgeries to look like a cat. This includes facial piercing to support whiskers, ear pointing, the oral insertion of fangs, claw construction, and more in his effort to look as much like a cat as is humanly possible. He also includes raw meat in his diet and climbs trees, tiger style. With all the advancements in plastic ...
Can Porn Be Artistic, or is There No Such Thing?
Name one reason for the internet. Two people might say academic research and another shopping, but seven in ten are going to say porn. Sites such as YouPorn and RedTube allow anyone with a handheld cam to share their sexual endeavors with the world. Most amateur clips give traction to the argument that porn is a cinematic enterprise with zero artistic value, that porn serves only to get viewers off, and no beauty can be seen in videos of blowjobs, female ejaculation, foot fetishism, or any ...
Is Web Design Getting Lazy?
Remember how web design was circa 2001? Me neither. A decade is a lifetime, at least when it comes to technology, and the days of Drupal, Joomla, MODx, and similarly complicated web designing applications are well over. WordPress, Blogger, and assorted other What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors have replaced the need to learn code--even basic HTML--for an individual or business seeking to create and maintain a site. Adobe Muse is a web editor that actually markets itself on the ...
Best in the West: Thunder and Mavs Battle for Legitimacy
Zach Randolph played his heart out, but it didn't matter. Because aside from Derrick Rose, there is no 22-year-old NBA player who wants to win more than Kevin Durant. Durant shut down the Cinderella Story that was the Memphis Grizzlies and Randolph during this postseason, and now the young Thunder face the older, wiser Dallas Mavericks and the surging Dirk Nowitzki, who is playing as though his life depends on it--he's very aware that this may be his last opportunity to win a ...
Beasts in the East: The Bulls and Heat Battle For Supremacy
The 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat gets underway later today. The cameramen will have their work cut out for them, as they try to catch each of the "Holy what the ffff--DIDYOUSEETHAT?!!?!" plays sure to be taking place every few minutes. Derrick Rose has the most unstoppable dribble drive in the league right now, as his MVP honors prove, while Dwyane Wade and LeBron James run the league's most versatile two-man, high-isolation ...
Curtain Call On The Lake Show?
The Dallas Mavericks are up 3-0 in their series against the Los Angeles Lakers, and that is a sentence that makes my little basketball-addicted brain explode. How has the Lake Show lost three straight games to Big D? We're talking about a perennial playoff choke squad on the verge of bumping the team that won the last two championships and was heavily favored to do it, ye hoops gods, did this happen? I'll tell you how: Dallas wants it more. Los Angeles has clearly ...
The Playoff Train Has No Brakes: Round 2 Predictions
Remember this year's NCAA Tournament? It was a time when March Madness lived up to the moniker as face-painted fans packed arenas and hit decibel levels usually reserved for Iron Maiden concerts. This year, it was also a time of predictions gone horribly wrong, with upsets and surprises all over the bracket. The 2011 NBA Playoffs have recalled that same air of unpredictability. History was made on multiple accounts--most impressive among them being Dwight Howard's franchise-record 31 ...
Is Selling Out the Only Route to Success? An Interview with Ryan Furlott from Rain City Records
The decades-long argument in the musical community over success boils down to two issues: money and fame. The hardcore indie rocker will rebuff that claim and say that it's just about the music, man, but they are either stoned, lying to themselves, or both. The people who record, produce, and distribute music are driven to do so because it is their job, because they want to be recognized for their talent, and because it's more exciting than earning a degree in human resources and ...
Predicting the Playoffs: Two Months of Hardcore Hoops Loom
The NBA ran a commercial campaign called "Biggest Season Yet" for 2010-11, and they were right. The craziness surrounding LeBron James' "Decision" show, the wild swings for position in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, the most successful All-Star Game so far -- it all came on the heels of the most watched NBA Finals last June. This has been a phenomenal season, though the major concern is a potential lockout after July 1. If the owners and players' union...
The Third Dimension Cometh
Last Sunday (March 27) marked the release of the long-awaited Nintendo 3DS, the first handheld to sport three-dimensional graphics. It's been 22 years since the release of the original, yellow-tinted brick of a toy that was the Gameboy, and the evolution of handheld gaming is clear when one gets their first glance at the visual orgasm that is the top half of a 3DS display. The graphics are super crispy, the sound exceeds all expectations for a portable system and the controls are as ...
How did you not want to hang yourself after hearing researched this article? I mean, that song sucked! HORRIBLY!
Wanted to, resisted the urge. Such is life (har har).
Two-Week Return Policy, Part 2: Who Tanked?
Last week I wrote about which NBA teams did well under the recent trade deadline. This time, I'm focusing on the teams that are desperately wishing for a do-over. Here are some teams who may end up regretting their trade decisions. Teams That Dun Goofed New Jersey Nets Deron Williams is one of the top-five active point guards, and he runs a superb offense with Brook Lopez. He also has extreme attitude problems (see Sloan, Jerry) and no reason to buy into Russian billionaire ...
Has Pop Music Finally Gone Over the Edge?
Perhaps you've seen this video for Rebecca Black's "Friday" already. Perhaps you are fascinated by her awful lyrics, dull melodies, and painstaking repetitiveness. Perhaps you don't care whatsoever about pop music and haven't since Michael Jackson's Dangerous.
Two-Week Return Policy, Part 1: Which NBA Teams Banked?
Since the flurry of trades that occurred just under the February 24 deadline, the NBA has seen considerable power shifts between the Eastern and Western conferences. Furthermore, some teams are experiencing the felicity and excitement a big change can spell for a franchise, notably if said change evolves them from, say, a middling sitcom star to being a rock star from Mars (oh, that Charlie Sheen).
Light Shows, Ass Slaps and Car Dunks, Oh My! 7 Highlights from All-Star Weekend
After three days of events, the NBA's 60th All-Star Game and its associated events were nothing short of the most successful in league history. The game itself was the highest-scoring all-star outing thus far, viewership records were set, and after a year of unsuccessful negotiation between the owners and the players' union, things began taking an upward turn, yielding the hope that a lockout next season is not imminent.
A Sunday in L.A.: All-Star Game 2011
For the 60th season, the best of the west will clash with the beasts of the east. As the dust of All-Star Saturday settles, following a three-point shootout, skills challenge, dunk contest, and celebrity game, 12 of the best from each NBA conference will play one another for grins and bragging rights.
Double Snub for Aldridge?
"LaMarcus Aldridge is in beast mode." This phrase has been uttered on Portland's 95.5 The Game with alacrity in the last week. While his fuller facial hair and greater muscle mass (he added about 20 pounds last off-season) than seasons past could be what the sports radio personalities are referring to, anyone who has been to a Portland Trail Blazers game this season can tell you it's less to do with his physical changes and more to do with the aura surrounding Aldridge. He has played like an all-star, been carrying the Blazers like an all-star and just plain carrying himself as an all-star. Yet he is not an all-star this year.
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Mmm...dairy. Ice cream wins, unless fruit is involved, because fresh fruit atop a fluffy angel cake is pretty savory.
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
I like the notion of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton being thrown into a steel cage ring with a pair of broken beer bottles and fighting to the death. The winner gets my vote by default.
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
That insinuates I enjoy shopping at all. Online is better for everything except clothes where fit matters and for groceries.
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Sarcastic answer? The living Beatle, simply because he could still be seen live (granted, the tickets will sap lunch funds for the month). Honest answer? Lennon was the better musician.
Would you rather Call or Text?
Calling is far and away preferred for a discussion. Texting should be limited to use only when quick bits of information need to be shared.
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