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Relationship Status: Single
Twitter: @polerberr
Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Things you <3: Cinema, My Little Pony, Lord of the Rings, and snow!
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Were you here on ToT two years ago?
I joined 2 years ago. I used to be one of the top players. Back then, the ToTs made were fun and creative. I enjoyed making tournaments and voting on other peoples' ToTs. Things have changed a lot since. I've noticed most ToTs are just comparing celebrities and bands and "who's hotter?" or whatever. I miss the old ToT. I come back every now and again still, but it's not ...
Who is superior? Critic or Nerd?
The Nostalgia Critic reviews old [mostly horrible] movies, whereas AVGN does video game reviews. Who is better? The critic or the nerd?
Who is best pony? Round 2
Lol I forgot I was doing this xD Weirdest tournament I've done. Looks like there aren't many bronies here on ToT :/
Who is best pony? [Mane Six]: Round 1: Part 3
Pinkie Pie: The most random and friendly pony in all of Ponyville. She loves to make other ponies smile and her cutie mark is three balloons. She has a reputation for her awesome parties and she has a pet baby toothless alligator called Gummy. She represents the element of laughter. Applejack: A hardworking farm pony who works in an apple orchard. Her cutie mark is three red apples and she has a ...
Who is best pony? [Mane Six]: Round 1: Part 2
Rainbow Dash: A pegasus who loves to fly and do awesome tricks. She's a daredevil/tomboy and her cutie mark is a cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt. She's the fastest flyer in Equestria and dreams of joining the Wonderbolts flying team. She represents the element of loyalty and has a pet tortoise called Tank, who has a helicopter attached to its shell so it can fly. She is also ...
Who is best pony? [Mane Six]: Round 1: Part 1
So it's been a bit since I was last on this website and since I've been gone I've joined the brony herd. I know some of you may be thinking "But My Little Pony is for little girls!" ... Really? Would a little girl understand what it means if your drink has been spiked? Lauren Faust [the master behind this new series] made MLP so that the parents watching it with their ...
Which pokémon would you rather have?
Do you prefer Charmander the fire type or Squirtle the water type?
Which pokémon would you rather have?
Would you prefer the electric type or the grass type pokémon?
Which is your bigger Christmas Fear?
Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what is more terrible to you? Your beloved Christmas Tree catching fire or your dinner burnt to cinders?
Should TOT get a forum?
I was thinking about this some time and I think it would be a nice addition to the website. It would make communication allot more easier, since at the moment we are limited to asking questions to each other and making ToT's. There is no message system which I know of on this site apart from emailing those who give their email addresses. (If there is some sort of message system I'm ...
Ultimate Lion King Character: Semi Finals: Part 1
It's the Semi Finals! Scar was voted to come back, if you're confused.
Ultimate Lion King Character: Round 3: Part 2
Now this one will be interesting. father vs. Son. IMPORTANT: We are 1 character short for the next round. Comment below on who you would like to see back in the Semi-Finals! One vote per person. :3
Ultimate Lion King Character: Round 3: Part 3
IMPORTANT: We are 1 character short for the next round. Comment below on who you would like to see back in the Semi-Finals! One vote per person. :3
Ultimate Lion King Character: Round 3: Part 1
Timon vs. Pumbaa, who will win? The comic relief duo of the movie must face each other in the tournament. IMPORTANT: After Round 3, we are 1 character short. Comment below who you would like to see back for the Semi-Finals! Everybody can choose one character :3
Ultimate Lion king Character: Round 2: Part 4
Lead female character of LK1 vs. lead female character of LK2.
Haha because I wanted you to see round 2 XD
Ultimate Lion King Character: Round 2: Part 2
Pumbaa: Warthog. Friend of Simba and Timon. Protagonist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =sQSetle-a-k
hiya just have to ask wat music ur in ta ??
Lots. I prefer rock/punk rock but I listen to a bit of country/pop/movie soundtracks ^^ My fave band is Skillet and I love Neon Trees and Panic! at the Disco... Oh and of course classic rock like Queen ans Metallica are cool :P
follow me?:D
Sure :D
Why a polar bear? Ask me some thing back after you answer:)
I am a Polar Bear because 2 people who I talked often to on a forum got "e-married" (the guys avatar was a polar bear and the girls avatar was a cyborg) as a joke and then "e-adopted" me, so on the forum I became a cyborg polar bear. Then when I was still in scouts I used to be the assistant patrol leader, and me and my friend, who was the patrol leader, decided to make our patrol "the bears". I then became the polar bear there. It went even further when my friend got 2 hoodies with panda's and she started to call herself a panda and told me I had to be a bear too, so naturally, I chose a Polar Bear. Ever since, Polar Bears have been kinds significant to me, lol.
what's up, polerberr?
The sky I guess... Lol just kidding. Well if you really must know, I am studying for exams while getting ready for Easter while painting my room :)
3 Wishes, what would you wish for? (Can't be unlimited wishes or more wishes)
Domn the brackets!!! That has always been my plan if I found a Genie lol. Ok so I wish for the power stop/rewind/fastforward time, unlimited money and to look incredulously awesome lol.
If you were stranded on a dessert, what 3 things would you bring?
An infinite amount of water, an infinite amount of food and Adam Levine ;)
Would you rather eat cockroaches or eat spiders?
Spiders (As long as they are roasted, in some countries thats a delicacy :P)
Are you amazing?
Well I am today because its m birthday :D
Do you think i'm pretty? After you answer ask me some thing back.
Sure you are :)
Are you a fan of Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)? Cause if you are, would you like to see Hermione and Draco together, as a couple (if Ron and Hermione weren't actually meant to be together)?
Im not entirly a fan of Draco. I only think he is funny because he acts as if hes so tough and brave but in reality, hes a coward. I know this sounds cheesy but I knew from the beginning that Ron and Hermione were 'meant to be'. I wouldnt like to see Hermoine end up with Draco. I think because she is such an intelligent and brave character, she deserves someone better than Draco, and Ron is perfect for her, although I wouldnt have minded if she ended up with Harry either :P The only couple which I would like to have seen which never happened was Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom
Hello :) Wolves are awesome!
Lord Voldemort or Bellatrix Lestrange?
Lord Voldemort
you make really cool tots! :)
Sweet! Thanks :)
i love your opinions !
Thanks :)
Summer or Winter? (:
Winter :) I love the snow.
which is a better singer .....justin bieber or cody sipson ??
I hate Justin Bieber songs and I'v never heard any of Cody Simpsons, but I heard he's a better singer :)
If u had 2 choose an animal that u wanted to b for a day wat wud it be?
A wolf
harry potter or lord of the rings?
Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter is a great story, but Lord of the Rings is more original and I prefer its story line and characters over most Harry Potter characters.
Science or Religion?
I was just asked this question. Is the the same person possibly? Lol, anyways, like I said, religion :)
Science or Religion?
do you like cats and dogs??? not the film.
Yep :) Cats and dogs are both awesome in their own way.
do you have msn
Yeah, I have a new account which is free for anyone to add :) My name hasnt changed, its still "Polar bear", even on MSN.
Are you seriously 14? Your comments are far more mature than a majority of them.
Yes, I am 14 :) and Im glad to hear that my comments are more mature than most others, too. I try my best to put some thought into most of my posts, so I guess thats probably why :)
do you like cheese burgers???
Yes. Yes I do.
Big Fish is a good watch. And E.S is a good film Pee Wee Big Adventure is a presonnal favorite of main
This weekend Im planning to watch 2/3 Burton movies I havnt seen yet (if they are on youtube, lol) Those being the 2 you mentioned and Mars Attacks. :)
Dont u find Tim Burtons work from sleepy hollow up to be quite bad? (i liked big fish though lol)
I dont know. Some bits were a little dodgy, I agree, but I did enjoy it somewhat. I liked the few bits of good dark humor and Johnny Depp was funny to watch, although it wasnt one of his greatest films. (Everyone I know that has seen Big Fish said it was good but unfortunaley I have never managed to get round to watching it. Its probably on youtube I suppose) Personally, I find Burtons best movie to be Edward Scissorhands. Im hoping that hes going to do a gDarkDShadows. :)
red or blue???
2d or 3d???
3D is awesome
gotchaa!!!! or '' lets say i never saw this.''??
Lets say I never saw this.. ?
wow or omg?
Wow :)
How do you think of such cool questions that loads of people like to answer?
Well I dont find anything wrong with cool questions which lots of people like to answer :) I just think that I have seen many great questions that were being ignored while there are some terrible questions that get allot of attention, that bugs me. I also think that people should stop asking the questions comparing people like robert pattison, miley cyrus, justin bieber, etc. :)
Advertising a ToT? Never had one of those before.. Ohand dont worry, I voted btw.
Have you read the newest comments on my ToT about Identity? If so, do you agree with them?
I agree with most of them, I mean there is no correct answer, thier both right in thier own ways. Its just a matter of opinion and personal experience I guess. :)
r u the one whos asking me very mean questions
Mean questions? No. Why? Is someone asking you mean qusetions? It usually sais who asked you the question. Check the name.
ok thank you!!
no problem :D
Question about your tournament: What numbers face off in round 2?
Well seeing as we begin with 40 in round 1, that leaves 20 characters to be rounded off for round 2, so thats 10 this or that questions. Also the winners so far are Dumbledore, sirius black, the sorting hat, hermione and hagrid. Hope that answers that :)
Hey when is round 2 com in??
Ok heres how it goes: There are in total 40 HP characters in this tournament altogether. In round 1 i am pairing each character off with another (thats 20 comparisons). This will be done over the course of 4 days (thats 5 comparisons each day), so (im writing this at the end of day 2) there are 2 days left of round 1. By the end of round 1 there will be only 10 characters left. Round 2 will take only two days (5 comparisons each day). Im glad you asked :)
Hey, I just wanted to say that your questions were pretty good. You might want to include some description on them, but some of them are good questions.
Wow thanks :) Surprisingly iv actually had a complaint about "spamming", lol. But its nice to know that people like them :) I'll try to include a description and I'll look out for some of yours :)
well it is spamming. here is an Idea how about instead of posting 5 meaningless polls You make 3 strong polls
Ok I agree, lol, sorry. You see I used to be a forum spammer (the forum didn't mind me though, I was like part of the furniture) Ok if its bothering you I'll stop posting random ones. (See, I can be mature, lol)
How about you put some thought into your polls instead of posting like a moron
I do put some thoughts into them actually.. Im just one of those people with allot of questions to ask and a slight dose of ADHD. Your not very nice, mister.
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
Inline Skates
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
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