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Twitter: @monicawright
Favorite Book: Immortality by Milan Kundera
Things you <3: Sleep, doughnuts and karate.
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Who has better Mom Jeans? LL Bean or JC Penney?
Personally, I think they both qualify as Glamour Don'ts.
Which is more scary - Metalbeak's Tytos (scary owls) or General Woundwort and the Efrafan (scary bunnies)?
I just saw Legends of the Guardians this weekend, and was pleasantly surprised that it was just violent enough. But all I could remember was how Watership Down scared the pants off me when I was a kid. I think the bunnies were scarier.
Which is a better tagline: The Freshmaker or The Other White Meat?
It's really a toss up. I've always wanted one of these as my title on a business card, but could never make it happen.
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