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Is ToT back on it's feet?!
Our apologies for the wonky nature of the site lately. This should be a step in the right direction of stability!
love at first site, possible or not possible?
Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time...
my monkey dropped its food at your comment
I'm just glad it didn't fling it
thats something you don't hear everyday lol i made a tot about monkeys
I just looked at it. Great post! I commented...
lol lemurs are cool....why dose you lemur look stoned...i prefer golden lion Tamarin
My Lemur's trying to get the monkey off his back. It's a two bit, peanut monkey...
Do you like monkeys
I definitely love Monkeys. But, really I prefer Lemurs. Kind of a cross between a kitty and a monkey. Does it get any better than that?
i like there any thing i could do just a question XD
You should contact Rebecca she handles all our writers. As far as anything else, was there anything you had in mind?
That's totally understandable. I just told her I'd pass the message along. Keep up the great work. I know there's a lot going on with it at the moment.
We do have a lot going on. But it's all good stuff!! We're going to take over the world!
Do you guys have an estimated launch date for embeddable ToTs?
Hey Brash, We've talked a lot about this. Actually since day one of This or That (as well as a mobile app). I would love to tackle it but we have some features that we want to tackle first. We'll keep you posted!
Hey man, I love the new tracker bar on the articles. It's a great addition. I also wanted to mention that my old boss wondered about being able to like/dislike people's comments.
Hey Lockheed, It's in the works. Ill keep you posted as to when it goes live. We're most concerned with reporting abuse right now and later we'll be focused on liking/disliking for everything ToTs, comments etc.
Thank you so much! Shutter speed was the real answer I was looking for!
Great! Go take some shots!
hahahah... Love your sad clowns...
By ToT, I mean a feature article, which I had almost finished and went to save. I pressed save. It took a while to load. When it loaded, nothing was in the blog editor. The blog draft is still on my list of drafts, but the editor is blank. The blog ID is 610. Could be an earlier version somewhere, anywhere?
We don't have versioning unfortunately. If it's not in the blog editor it's gone. Sorry Brash.
Hey Matt! Long time no chat. I wanted to ask you what makes a camera have the ability to take still pictures even in movement? I asked this question all the time and tried to research it but I guess because of how I ask it, the right answer doesn't come about. I hope you can help. P.S. I love what you did with the site!
Yo Qwerty! How goes it!? We missed you around here. So in answer to your question most cameras use an aperture to either let in light or shut it out. This helps get the exact amount of light that is necessary for your photos. So, in the old days when you had film there was a certain exposure (of light) that was needed for the photo to look right. The control for this is called your f-stop. So, when you have it open wide lots of light can get in. When it's closed tight very little light can get in. The other factor was shutter speed. How long do you let in light? The longer it is the more light that gets in. For action photos you need a lens that can shoot at very high shutter speeds and have an f-stop (aperture) that can take in enough light. Your best bet for this is a digital SLR. I highly recommend them, but they can be pricey... Here's an article on the subject. I'm sure I'm not doing a great job of explaining it.
Here is what happened: I clicked on the save button to save what I'd written. It was taking a while. Then when it finally loaded, I had an empty blog editor where I once had an awesome ToT. My heart broke.
Hmmm. Were you trying to embed your ToT in a blog editor? Or did it just think you were?
I just spent the last two hours writing a ToT. I pressed save, and what I got back was a blog editor with nothing in it. Is there anyone you can recover a previous version of the ToT so I can continue writing it? It was called "5 Ways to Horribly Misinterpret Dr. Seuss's Books" or something like that. Thank you.
Hey Brash. I can' t find any Tots with anything similar to that. Sorry. It should try to save your last ToT? Did it not work?
Also, what in GOD'S NAME is your avatar?
hahaha. I changed my image to test out that bug! It's Al Davis. Owner of the Oakland Raiders. Pretty horrific looking cat, huh? You should blog about the ugliest celebrities of all time.
Hey, my wife just joined (smidge3) and tried to update her picture, and it hasn't updated yet. The usual. Probably just takes a little time to go through, yes?
Yeah, Sorry about that. I added some caching of data in the system and it aggressively caches those user images... I have a fix but I haven't deployed it yet. Thanks for the heads up Brash!
have you seen this?, it's like TOTS on steroids:
Yes, we did see this a few months ago. Great site. I hope they do well.
Hey Matt, I was telling a freind to check out my page (and ToT) and he tried to click on the link for my St Patrick's Day article. (It's scheduled to post on the 16th) I was wondering why it was showing if it isn't officially published yet. (Really just a heads up)
Doh! It should not be. Ill take a look. Thanks
Which Julia has the more commanding Twitter presence?
Twitter has spawned a number of internet celebrities. These twitterati have unprecedented reach and influence and are pushing the envelope of reach for minor celebrities. So, which do Julia do you prefer? Julia Roy or Julia Segal
Do you like Skittes or starburst
Starbursts way better. But, I would prefer a snickers any day of the week...
Was this a kind gesture towards Jews or is it a sign of how arcane the Catholic church is?
Pope Benedict XVI exonerates the Jewsfor crucitying Jesus Christ in a new book due to be published this month. What do you think of it? Bunch of Malarkey or a kind conciliatory gesture?
Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to set up the profile page so articles can be listed separately from regular ToTs? I'd love to be able to send my friends a link and say, 'here's all my articles on ToT.' Then let them check out the ToT process from there.
Great idea! It's on it's way. Working on it as we speak. Ill keep you posted.
Also, here is the creepiest sad clown picture I could find, submitted for your approval, or rather outright disapproval: Creepy
Hey, Matt. I've tried to change my profile pic a couple times and it made Chrome freeze. Are you guys just fixing some stuff?
not right now, but we have been poking at our image processing algorithms. Let me give it a try and see what's going on.
More importantly, how creeped out were you by that WTF clown pic?
I can't talk about it. My therapy is progressing though.
Hey Matt, I'm trying to embed a video link in my latest article. Can you help me figure out how to get it in there?
sure email me and we can talk about it. Or you can IM me if you want AIM:matsientst
Oh where oh where has my awesome neon avatar gone?
Sorry. We had some technical troubles. It should all be resolved soon!
Nice implementation of the character limit on the comment's textbox... way to show those unruly verbose fans!
Thanks Anibusina. We may pull it back out actually. Debating whether we want a character limit on comments. What do you think?
Simon or Garfunkel?
You grew up listening to this stuff. Who do you think had more talent? I personally think this is pretty obvious but maybe you guys prefer bad acting?
Are you implying that my wife is hot?
Yep. Very beautiful. You're a lucky man
Can I stop crying myself to sleep every night now that you are following me?
Indeed. The world is safe for democracy. Plus I saw that photo of your wife. Figured I'd better keep you close in case something "happens".
WTF! Why did you block me?
Block now WORKS!! Woo Hoo.
What's up with the collective mural background on the staff photos? I like that they all match, just wondering.
Man, you're observant. We took the photos at Jon's old house. He had murals up in all of his kids room. They were more interesting than us having mug shots in front of a height chart.
Yo Matt, I am having problems submitting posts in the admin section. Rebecca is working on it but basically, when I try to embed a ToT or save the post it just wipes everything? Let me know if you have any thoughts.
You're asking me anonymously. Can you ping me by email matt [at] thisorthat dot com
Sorry for the points thing... but seeing as how you have access to the database tables, I won't tell if somehow, suddenly you have 9,325,802 points. Can I redeem them for prizes, like at a carnie infested fair?
That's a great idea. We can redeem them for vintage cupie dolls:
Hey, I love the recent change on the user profile. Is there any chance of having multiple sites under Website?
Ill work on adding that. Thanks for the tip!
Keep up the good work!
Well, this site keeps getting better and better. If there is anything I can do to spread the word, I'll keep doom it.
wha?! Don't doom it! Just let people know!
Haha! html in our comments! I'm about to get super annoying up in here!
hahaha! People are just discovering it...
Also, a bonus if you like ST:TNG as much as you seem to like Star Wars: Jean Luc?
What I'd like to be able to do is use my iPhone as a mobile ToTing tool. I could finish all my feature articles for the week on my hour long bus commute! What would make that easier is if there were options in both the TOT creator and the blog editor to access my iPhone's photo gallery, where I will have saved funny pictures. An option to add an image by typing in it's URL would be great for the ToT creator, too. Thanks for listening!
That would be awesome! We need to get a mobile app rolling. We've been talking about it for a long time but there aren't enough hours in the day. 4 people pushed to the limits of human endurance!
Sorry, another question, dude! Any way we can institute an auto save on blog entry drafts? I was in the middle of writing a neat post about the Egyptian protest, got a little involved with it, and then my browser crashed. And then I wept, bitterly. In public. Thanks again, Mr. Macchia.
I have debated this a lot. I definitely can, but in it's current iteration it's a page refresh and not ajax. How do you think it should work? Perhaps it waits until you've stopped doing anything for 1 minute? It would suck to have it do a page refresh in the middle of writing something.
Which star wars geekiness curls your toes?
Geeks Are Sexy (a blog I peruse) recently had some great posts this week. Ham Solo and Baby Carrier. As a latent Star Wars fan, I must say they both made me spit my coffee out all over my Bubba Fett T-Shirt. Which do you like best?
You are web design god among men, and busy to boot. That said, I ask how long down your list of things to do is iOS compatibility for both ToTs and Admin tools. Keep kicking ass.
The header design was done by Chad actually. Our new guy. He's awesome and is already bringing value. All I did was code the bad boy up. As for the iOS, let me know what issues your seeing and Ill try and get them taken care of.
Wait a minute, HTML works in here?
Yep. Enjoy your HTML goodness!
Great improvement to the header! Very clean. ~ unrelated, but noticed... the "more" button appears after searching when there are no more results. Something off with the pagination?
Thanks and Yep. That is a bug. Ill get on that tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!
In light of your answer to my last question, how funny do you rate it that both my Mom and Step-mom became ToT members today?
Wow! I was just kidding. Good job though. Mom's need to have fun too. This way she can keep tabs on you...
Did you just implement those awesome changes to the HOME, TOTS, NEWS, TOP USERS banner?
Yes Indeedy! Tell everyone you know!! Your Mom's been looking for something to do...
Sigh. where did my avatar go?
We had issues this morning. I added a slave db and messed up a stored procedure of ours. Please reupload a new image. Sorry for the inconvenience Amy.
Thanks for the info Matt, there's still no points for the tweets though. Can you help me with something else? I screwed up a link in my meat's not there. Is there any way you can fix it for me?
Sure. send me the link and Ill add it.
Hey again. I'm running into a strange problem with a blog I'm trying to work on. It is called "TVs more irrelevant shows." Every time I try to load an image on the post it disappears when I go to save it. I've got 3 other posts that are working just fine, but this one keeps glitching. Any thoughts or suggestions? I have tried doing just one pic and then saving, and I've also tried adding text to see what happens. I'm tempted to just delete it and start over, but I thought it best to check with the tech man first.
Glad you're talking to me before deleting anything. Ill take a look at your drafts in the morning and try to find out what is wrong. It may just be a corrupt image. Ill let you know what I find.
Hey Matt, I noticed that after I tweeted a couple of tots and asked a couple questions, that my points hadn't changed. Don't you get points for that?
Hey Johnny. You get the points when the questions are answered. So, you need to wait for those. And as for tweeting you definitely get points if you tweet a ToT. Make sure to use our button otherwise it's hard for us to know. Let me know if you need more details.
For your smoochums which is better?
Valentines day is upon us and we all have to grapple with what to get your better half? I generally vote for kickin' socks but I also get flowers. What do you think is the better gift?
Matt, been meaning to say for a while now... kuddos on the great scripting on the site! Starting a ToT and being able to go from one device or computer to another and having the site retain what info I have already entered is a lifesaver. Not to mention the other AJAX-type interfaces and processes. Site is getting better and better!
Thanks Anubisibuna! I appreciate that. We all try and do our best to create an awesome site. The problems with the rich client is the rich client bugs! Do me a favor and ping me and let me know when you find them and Ill try and fix them as quickly as I can.
Hi Matt. I dont know If this went through to you the last time but Two of my ToTs are mixed together. Can you fix that please? Its really annoying. Thanks
Thanks David Ill take a look
Which gang to join?
Being a teenager is full of perplexing questions, today more than ever. One of the most difficult question any kid ever faces is which gang to join? What do you think? Who did you choose?
Is Charlie Sheen Dead?
Charlie Sheen has been battling some pretty powerful demons lately. He was just released from the hospital and back at home after suffering some 'stomach pains'. I think that is a euphemism for an STD for romping with porn stars. Some clever soul, after hearing all this about Charlie Sheen created the website http://www.ischarliesheendead. com/
lol Matt i swear to you ToT doesn't like my page. 2 of my ToTs i made are now tied into each other... Can you fix that please? would reallyyy apreciate it.
I would but you asked me anonymously. So I have no idea what ToTs you've made?
Hey, Is it true that Dell Batteries are better than HP's and their chargers are better too? or No? This question stumped me for a while.. What do you recommend?
This is hilarious that you are asking me this. Just speaking anecdotally, My last This or That laptop was a top of the line HP. It was still a giant piece of crap and fell apart in a year. I did lose my charger once for it and it cost me a ridiculous amount to replace it. I can't recall the exact amount but it was over $50. Dell is the same way for charges but they are at least ridiculously common. So you can usually find them on craigslist. I vote Dell. You should post a ToT and see what others think...
Hey Matt. Sorry to bug you but you should know that every time I check my mail from my inbox I see that someone commented on a ToT I commented on or a ToT I made. Point is when I click on the link to that specific ToT it is a random ToT. Hope you can fix it.
Thanks dbqwerty. I saw that. It should be fixed now. Let me know if you see it again! Thanks for all your help!
Just bringing it to your attention. The pics I posted with my latest ToT are not showing. I iz sad :( Thanks
Thanks! You were right. We were having some technical issues. Working on resolving them now!
Thanks, I am!
Good morning Matt. Sorry to bother you I just had a quick question. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the pictures for my last ToT didn't post, can you help me fix it? Seems to be a problem with my profile picture too. Thanks.
Hey Johnny4 We've been having some technical problems with our images. Take a look now. They should be fine. If not please let me know. Enjoy the site!
Hi Matt. Knowing that you are the tech support here, can you please tell me how to permantly change my sex and password on this site? Everytime I change it, it doesn't work. I'm really clueless and I don't think i'm doing anything wrong. I'd love some help :)
Hi dbqwerty, You should be able to go to your profile page /u/dbwerty and click on edit profile. There you can change your information. If it's not working please write a detailed list of what your doing and Ill fix it asap! Thanks!
Could it possibly have been something I said?
It's blowin' in the wind
Hey, I just read lockheed40's question towards you and I have the same problem. I put in my username and password but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
Sounds like a bug. Ill go and take a look.
Who is your favorite band?
Why Justin Bieber of course?
Who was the more influential civil rights leader?
Both were deeply religious civil rights leaders expounding the tenet of non-violent demonstration. But, who do you think had a more profound impact on the world? Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr.
Hey, since you're the tech guy according to the 'our story' link, I just wanted to mention that I keep getting logged out periodically. I am using my Facebook account to participate, and it may have something to do with my satellite connection. Is there a way I can use the FB account to create a more stable access through the site or some other way to fix my problem?
Hey Lockheed, My guess is that if you're logged out of Facebook and come to our site then you'll be logged out. My suggestion is that instead of using facebook connect you just login using our login. Use your username and password and your good to go. Let me know if you have any trouble.
what do you think about your Governments?
I think the government is poorly run and ineffecient. However, It's the best we've got so we better make the best of it!
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Tough one. I would say snow but since I've been buried in it the last few days...
Would you rather Call or Text?
Text! For the love of GOD. TEXT!
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
City. However, I'm now trapped in smallsville
Best way to go blind?
Which is the best way to go blind? Reading in low light? Or the other one...
Are we getting dumber or is the education system flawed?
According to a new study released Tuesday, 1 in 4 recruits fail the entrance exam. Questions are often basic, such as: 'If 2 plus x equals 4, what is the value of x?'. Are people getting dumber, or is the US education system in trouble?
On a trip to NYC which do you visit?
My friend is off to NYC and they are asking the question of which to visit in Times Square. What do you guys think?
Which do you fear more?
The fear of elevators is pretty common. But injuries are much more common on escalators. Which raises the question: Which do you fear more?
Who is being a bigger baby?
Last week, Google changed its terms of service so that anybody utilizing its Contacts API is required to reciprocate by exporting its contacts back to Google. In other words, if a company or social network wants to let users import their Gmail friends so their users can find their friends, then it has to allow for the same type of importing. Facebook won't allow it. Sour grapes or social network ...
Which would be a better pet?!
I have often debated, which would be the better critter pet?
Which is worse to have in your home?
New York tourism is down due to the fears around bedbug infestations. Which raises the question, which would be worse, bedbugs or cockroaches?
Rain vs. Snow
Which would you rather spend your time in?
Under the Hood at This or That
All of us at This or That thought it would be fun to share as much as we can about the technology that powers the site and the thinking behind it. We started the company with the goal of quickly making high performance web apps that we can rapidly iterate, and not afraid to be early adopters if we are convinced that.s the way to produce a better experience for our users (plus we like to save money!). To that end, built our app with heavy use of open source tools.
Welcome to This Or That!
This or That is a user-driven comparison website that lets you create and vote on comparisons for anything and everything. We feel that comparing is a fundamental human activity, and This Or That aims to be the definitive source of all comparisons. Create a This or That (or 'ToT,' as we like to call them) on any topic you have a question about. People will vote and discuss the topic and you can find out a definitive answer!
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