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Relationship Status: Widowed
Twitter: @waytolame
Favorite Book: The perks of being a wallflower
Favorite Movie: Batman Returns
Things you <3: i love things such as Bilvy's legs, Ryan's leather jacket, Paul McCartney's face and everything about Sisky.
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What William is better looking.
I will forever love Bill more than you.
follow me?
what store do you prefer? (see description)
hot topic: more of a music based store (ALL TYPES) graphic tees and such like tht wet seal: more of a outfit kinda store :)
old ryan ross or new ryan? :D
when he was in P!ATD of how hes now in "the young veins" :/ i miss ryans lyrics for p!atd but thts just me i still love p!atd as a 2 ppl insted of 4 :)
which flower pic is better?
im entering a pic contest i need to know which i should enter...
do you like ryden? (ryan ross and brendon urie)
okay they were never officially anything but we fans liked to say they were cuz they allways were "touching" :)
whos yummier :)
ya i like andy sixx but you know thts just me :)
which old Panic! at the disco, star is yummier?
yes ik brendon is still in the band but ryan aint so ya :) and this is how they USE to look not how they NOW look :)
who looks better with bren?
yes i know brendon urie and Audrey Kitching are not longer a "thing" i just wanna see wht u ppl think! :D
wich site model?
no haterZ! got it bitches? XD so witch one would u want to look like or who looks preittier
what do you like about ToT? What do you wish we would change?
a report botton would be nice
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
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