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Favorite Movie: Rock Horror
Things you <3: photography, fashion, illustration.
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Which one looks more comfortable?
which looks more comfortable? this nude coloured Dior corset, or this same shade corset chair by british designer Sarah Louise Dix.
which movie is most likely to be made?
which movie is most likely to be made? will & grace, or desperate housewives. it could be either really, as we know, will & grace has come to an end, with rumours of a karen and jack spin-off show, and desperate housewives is about to come to its seven year contracted end. both are great shows so which could it be...
i'm sure one of these is fake. but which one?
which one could be a real heart-shaped strawberry, and which is a fake?
who got the courage?
cowardly lion, or cowardly shadrach?
which came first?
which came first? the chicken, or the egg? what an enigma.
i don't know which are worse?
zimmer frame heels or hooker heels. not very practical...are they?
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