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Famous For Being Bad: Rebecca Black and the Cult of Celebrity
These days, anyone can be star. It doesn't matter how much talent you have, as long as you get sufficient media coverage. Can't sing? No problem! It can all be sorted out during the editing process anyway. Since the debut of auto-tune in Cher's 1998 single 'Believe', it has been used to great and boundless effect by the music industry, perhaps to prepare us for the day when all our music is made by robots. Auto-tune can make anyone sound good. You don't even need to be ...
Rapture-Bound But Can't Bring Rover? Fret Not, End of Days Animal Lover!
I don't read or watch the news much. I figure that if something important is going on in the world, people will get worked up enough to tell me about it on Facebook. So I totally missed the fact the Rapture is coming up this Saturday, according to one Harold Camping, Christian radio host and former engineer. According to Camping's followers, around 200 million people will be raptured on May 21, roughly 3% of the world's population. They better make sure they have clean underwear on....
5 Totally Hardcore Foods That Could Get You Arrested (Or Killed)
Here's a quick quiz for you. What's green, comes from Jamaica, and is illegal to import into the USA? If you immediately thought "marijuana"...well...err...you're right, actually. Crap. But you see where I'm going with this. The title of the post probably tipped you off. Some of the delightful entrees that follow will only get you stopped at airport checkpoints, but others can be a threat to your very life. I assume that eating them is like an extreme sport for the ...
Word Clouds Inadvertently Prove That Horoscopes are Bulls$#@
Just in case you didn't know already, there is no way that the position of some huge balls of flaming gas millions of miles away could possibly have any influence on your personality. Nada. None. The fact that the idea has persisted for so long has more to do with a very human need to feel a sense of order and purpose in ourselves and the world. We'd much rather believe that our strengths, weaknesses, and romantic interactions are determined by some cosmic force instead of chance and ...
5 Ways You Could (Unintentionally) Be Creeping People Out
We all know "that guy." The one who invites him (or, let's be fair, her) self to parties, and then proceeds to make the rest of the night thoroughly uncomfortable for everyone. Think Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, but instead replace him with your own personal Sheldon, because everyone has one. We usually tolerate them because they are so completely clueless that it is kind of fascinating. Sometimes, they grow up to put on funny hats and call themselves "Master Pick-Up Artists"...
Oh em gee: heroines? one of the best articles ever written. Well played.
That is not a question. I was given to understand that there would be a question :P
7 Badass Action Heroines with Completely Impractical Outfits
I'm no expert on kicking the shit out of people after executing the perfect backwards somersault (well, except for that one time...), but considering all the starlets who have "accidentally" exposed a nipple or two while doing nothing more strenuous than posing for PR shots, I'm pretty sure that wardrobe malfunctions would be fairly common. Having your decolletage split down to your navel might not be the most sensible attire for the job at hand (i.e., beating up the bad guys).
Are you really a slightly miffed looking and middle-aged waitress?
Yes, maybe and no. Slightly miffed-looking: definitely. Middle-aged: impossible to tell, since I don't know my own expiry date. Waitress: THANKFULLY FUCKING NOT ANYMORE! (Sorry..It was a bad time for me, since I hate pretending to be nice to horrible people).
That amputee post was inspired! When's the next blog post?!
As soon as I can think of something to gross Rebecca out again :P
4 Reasons You Might Want to Chop Off a Body Part
We've all seen inspiring true stories where people overcome their physical disabilities and go on to achieve amazing things, like win Olympic gold medals or play rugby. Hell, there's even a guy who was deemed "too awesome" to even enter the Olympics because his prosthetic legs gave him an unfair advantage.
7 Gross Things You Eat All the Time (But Probably Don’t Realise)
It's weird: as a species we spent millions of years eating pretty much everything we could find that didn't kill us. Only now, for the first time in history, most of us have the luxury of being able to eat anything we want, and we've suddenly become all picky. We are so far removed from the processes involved in making our food that we can afford to forget our humble origins. That's why it can be a bit disturbing to find out that we've been eating things all our lives that we normally wouldn't deign to scrape up off the ground, or squeeze out of a beaver. Squeeze out of a beaver, you say? Why yes! Take a look at....
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Cats. Dogs are way too needy.
Pi or Pie?
If only one of them could exist, which one would you choose to stay? Of course, we would all miss delicious pie, with her sultry siren call of food-induced coma. But without mathematical constants, the very nature of our universe might be thrown into question. Choose wisely!
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